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    can n e one tell me what i need to set up a sm58 microphone to acer laptop ,windows 7 wat cable do i need , do i need a usb sound card to boost the audio if so do i have to get a certain one n e suggestions on the easiest option its just for singing and recording for my daughters bedroom
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    If your daughter is just playing around, then I would skip the SM58 and get a USB microphone. If she is perhaps dallying in recording to go into music itself then your cheapest route is an XLR to USB converter. These are not high quality necessarily but adequate to get the proverbial feet wet.

    A few links for you:
    SM58 + USB converter
    Shure SM58 and X2u XLR-To-USB Digital Bundle and more USB Microphones at

    A different converter
    Blue Icicle XLR to USB Mic Converter and more Audio Interfaces at

    Variation on theme
    Buy MXL MXL USB Mic Mate Classic | Audio Interfaces | Musician's Friend
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    And Audacity is free and easy enough to set up with to begin. If multi-tracking ultimately becomes important then a more full featured and very respectable program is Reaper.
  4. If thats all you're doing then i would just get a USB Adapter for Phantom Power Preamp to Computer USB Interface, you will have to by the cord seperate but then all you will have to do is download audacity, and when you do download it you might have some issues with latency meaning when you record, your recorded track might be delayed or off beat so to speak but you can fix that in the preferences section. Pm me if you need any more assisitance

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    Why does the OP need a phantom anything for an SM58? The answer is he doesn't. A simple XLR/USB dongle like I linked to is all that is needed to go with Audacity.
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