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  1. I need help deteriminig the best mix position for a room that will be a mix/live room used for Guitars, Vocals, Bass (DI Box) and Keys. Drums will be recorded sporadically on an infrequent basis.

    The house is very old. The bedroom (room) has wood floors that creek pretty bad. Althought this might not be a problem in the control room portion of the room, if it will indeed be a live room I'd be in trouble with any ambient room mics...


    (I hope that this looks right on everybody's screen)

    The ceiling height is 89 and 3/4 inches.

    I would like to use the closet as an amp room and build a "isolation chamber" inside the closet to make it possible to set my tube amp to 11. The closet is elevated already about a foot off of the ground.

    The space that is 39x52 would make a nice vocal booth/amp room (for different amp effects that aren't so muted by the isolation chamber idea). In this area, the wall on the far right is angled by the roof about 15-20 degrees. It is perpendicular to the floor about 35in high, then angles in toward the room.

    For what it's worth i typically use DI for bass...but would love to be able to go out and get a bass rig for some real mic sounds.

    The walls and cieling are plaster. Its an old house. The far wall (128in) is insulated with "spray foam" from when it was originally built. It is an exterior wall.

    I need this room to mix, record amps, vocals and DI'd bass. I use, and build drum loops for demos and hire drummers, or get drummer buddies to come in and record sporadically. I do want part of this room to be able to record drums, and I'm hoping that certain treatments (while not allowing me to eliminate resonaces from the structure) can give me nice sounds.

    Questions - (if your still reading this post i sincerely thank you!)

    1. I do realize that building a room in a room in a second story bedroom is out of the question - but is it possible to float a portion of the room. Is it possible to float the vocal booth area without putting stress on the structure of the house? ie- build a vocal booth in the room that is "floated"

    2. Does anyone think that it is a good idea to put carpet in the room? Everywhere? Just portions (vocal booth area?)

    3. I'm considering taking the 39x52 space and framing a door jam in the area to further isolate that space.

    4. If it's not possible to float the space that is 39x52 is there anyway to treat the area to eliminate resonances to the structure from low frequencies...

    I know that some of these questions are already answered in rod's book...I've posted this to get differing opinions or possibly hear about new products that have been introduced since the book came out.

    I realize that I will have to get real creative on this room, and that Auralex will probably be on my speed-dial pretty soon...

    any help is much appreciated.

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