help with my mic setup for a newbie!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by biggiestickz, May 26, 2009.

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    recently i bought an at2020 from audio technica, i bought the phantom power to go along with it its all hooked up but everytime i try to record with it it doesnt pick up any sound granted i dont have a mixing board i just have all electronic ones with the programs im using my buddy had the same predicament as i do but he messed with some stuff with his computer and fixed it up he just forgot what he did since it was such along time ago
    does anyone know what i can do to start recording and such?? im pretty sure i have all the equipment i just need to rig my computer the right way im just lost at this point
    thanks in advance for any help it is all appreciated
    and if this isnt the right place to ask could you please direct me to the right place? id really appreciate it
    i just need help hooking an at2020 to your computer without a mixing board and NO i do not have the usb one
    thanks in advance
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    You probably need an interface. Do search on here, there's a couple of topics each week discussing entry-level interfaces and the like.

    The AT2020 is a condenser mic, and requires phantom power. Simply plugging the mic into your computer will not provide this.

    You could use a mixer into the soundcard, but this will only provide a solution to the lack of phantom power, not the other issues w/ recording direct into a soundcard.

    Let's start here: How are you connecting the mic currently?

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