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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by SamTheBassist, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I recorded an acoustic song and the song sounded great even after converting the origional aiff file to an mp3 and compressing the mp3 file to the size I needed.
    However, since I'm trying to put my song up on "myspace", when I uploaded the file onto my profile and listened to it (the same exact file that sounded fine on my computer through i-tunes with no fancy effects or eq's)
    it sounded terrible!!!
    I dont think its my internet connection because I've listened to other music on myspace and it sounded fine to me.
    But theese songs that have all seemed to sound better all take time for the player to "buffer" whereas mine does not.

    My friend at told me that I needed to convert my file to an "xml" file in order to make the sound quality better, even though when prompted to choose a file for upload on the site, it asks for an mp3.
    Myspace is, from what I hear a weird website so I guess i do belive him.

    But if anyone has any advice on how to find a free downloadable converter to go an xml file (not from) or knows any other information on file formats for this site, any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much
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    Dec 29, 2005
    I don't know specifically the case of "myspace" stuff, but:

    generally, those web players are "flash based": they are limited to 44.1/16bit so if you exported your audio mixdown at, ex, 48/16, the audio stream will be affected by various weirdness :lol:

    there is no such an audio format as xml, look what is xml:

    hope this help
  3. Myspace takes your mp3 file and then downsamples it to save bandwidth, so it really is not a great place to showcase the finer points of your music. Sometimes it doesn't hash up your music too bad but mostly it does (another tip, set your limiter to -1 db as the conversion process for mp3 can add up tp -0.5 db to peaks and then this is repeated when myspace rehashes your music into some 96 Kbps/ 32 bit like sound, so clipping may occur as well as loss of dynamics- *allegedly*) Myspace doesn't claim to have great audio fidelity, music is an after thought to get more users.

    Upload songs to (75mb free uploads, any bitrate), ArtistLaunch, Broadjam (requires 192 Kbps, can upload 3 songs on free account) or Soundclick etc (except I hate it's 128 Kbps limit for free accounts).
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