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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by blacknoice, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Hi there!

    I have been using Reason 3 for a few months now and it all works fine. But the other day i got my E-MU X-Board 25 MIDI keyboard (USB). I then noticed that there wasnt a pre set in Reason to use this as a control surface. But tge manual says that it can be programed by making a new Midicodec and control map file. I did this and put them in the correct folders as stated. But Reason dosnt see the new files. The keyboard will work, MIDI is recieved by Reason (when i sellect one of the generic midi keyboars as a control surface) but the only way i can map the controls on the keyboard to Reason devices is with the control map overide function which is only saved for that particular sesion. This is realy starting to bug me, has anyone got any suggestions?

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