Help with recording abnormality!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Pringlewheels, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Hi!! I am trying to record some guitar tracks with my new PC

    But whenever I replay the track, the sound is fading in every time after a silence in the playing... For example i can hit a note, and the recording will have it fade in then stay at that volume, but after a pause in the playing and starting again, the same fade in will occur.... This is very disruptive and undesirable!!! The same problem happens in Sound Recorder and N-track.. Does anyone know how to disable this feature?? (im using my soundcards line-in)
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    thats kinda cool

    I will switch problems with you...haha

    On a serious note(no pun intented) when you do solve your
    problem, let me know how and if its possible to turn that feature on.


  3. It sounds (or fades in...) to me like whatever soundcard you're using has some sort of noisegate/expander on it's inputs, which is a very odd thing... A very slow attack time on the expander could cause what you're hearing. I assume that you're using a standard home-computer soundcard? Not one intended for recording?

    It's impossible to say anything further without knowing exactlywhat your setup is like - what soundcard? What software? Driver versions? Exact signal chain? Fill us in and we can be of much more use!
  4. Its a C-Media AC97 audio device

    I think its onboard, im not sure

    But yeah what youve said is pretty much what its doing, it sounds like a slow-attack effect on my guitar processor

    Its really annoying!!!
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    I did a google for my problem and found this thread. I have the same soundcard produced by Satan (AC97). I've been downloading different multitrack recorders for days trying to figure out what the heck was wrong. It's all so clear now...

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