Help with Rode NT2000 and setting up a studio.

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by phate008, Aug 6, 2015.

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    I have been doing amateurish recording for about 10 years. Never was solely dedicated to it, but I did take some courses in college for music production and engineering. As a hobby I would help some friends who sang or rapped work on some music. Always worked on making hip hop instrumentals as I am more familiar with that kind of equipment. My last microphone was a Samson CO1U which was a usb mic and sounded halfway decent for the price when I bought it which was $200 a few years back. Now they are really cheap on ebay. I went to a garage sale recently and managed to get some audio equipment for a relatively low price so I am thinking about upgrading my approach a bit. At this sale I got a Rode NT2000, Rode Mic Stand, and a Rolls MX422 field mixer for around $160 for all 3. I am not really familiar with how to hook this mic up to a computer. I thought that the Rolls would be a device I could use but after researching a bit I found that it has more to do with video/sound. I am probably going to throw the Rolls on ebay and buy a power source and whatever connections I would need to get it to hook up to my computer. Can someone help me figure out the products I would need to do this?
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    You need an audio interface to go between your NT2000 microphone and a USB port on your computer. Work out how many channels you would need for your chosen style of music, but you may find that a simple 2-channel unit will work for you. Don't forget that you will need a pair of headphones with good sound isolation to play the backing track while you record your pal's singing, or whatever the process of producing rap vocals is called.

    Suggested interfaces would be the Focusrite 2i2 or the Presonus AudioBox iTwo.

    You got a great deal from your visit to the garage sale, BTW.
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