Help with Routing outboard effects to digi002

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Kyah, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. Kyah

    Kyah Guest

    Hi there, I am having probs with routing my out board fx to my 002.
    I have a soundtracs topaz console 32 ch, urei compressors,roland tape machines, a fairchild reverb unit & a ANT w695b eq + a host of other
    analog equip.
    Want I want to do is use my original tracks and re record them in realtime using my effects as we produce dub style music.

    I have 8 ins & 8outs routed trough the desk. Ive tried different scenarios like inserting and using the aux send rtn on the desk.

    Cant figure out how to get the signal source (protools) through the desk-fx then back to re record into protools. I hope this make sense?
    Can anyone suggest some other ideas?

  2. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Make a AUX track (stereo as example), set input let's say to stereo
    bus 7-8. Set an insert to I/O 7-8. Connect Digi outputs 7-8 to Fx
    inputs, Fx outs to Digi inputs 7-8. Now, send the track you'd like to
    process to bus 7-8. Assign the output of AUX track to audio stereo
    track 13. Create stereo track 13, anable record and go ...
    Another good idea is to read PT manual, it's all there...
  3. Kyah

    Kyah Guest

    Thanks Costy

    Hey there thanks for that Costy
    I'll give that a try. I looked at the PT PDF
    but I couldnt make sense of it,
    I'll let ya know how it goes

    Thanks heaps

  4. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Oh, I forgot to mention - the numbers are for using default I/O
    Digi configuration. Cheers.
  5. Kyah

    Kyah Guest

    I tried that but I couldnt get it to work, but what I did do is
    use the aux send/rtn on my desk but sent the rtn to the input
    on the corresponding channel to digi. Then opened up an audio trak in PT, and sent the source to be processed to that track. Seemes to have worked and I can manipulate the eq & use delay & reverb alternatively or at the same time. Thanks for your help i worked this
    out from your description.
    Kyah 8)
  6. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Basicaly, you split the signal at your console and record two tracks
    at the same time: straight and processed with Fx ? Right ?
    I thought it's not what you were after...

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