Help with soundcard settings?

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    I have an HP laptop (DV4000) with a Soundmax sound card. I'm using Adobe Audition 1.5, and a small Yamaha mixer, with the "Rec Out" of the board plugged into the mic input on the laptop. I know, not the greatest, but I use it to record basic tracks when they pop into my head so I won't forget 'em.

    The problem is, not only does the input get recorded, but the output of the soundcard is also recorded on the new track. Say I want to use the metronome. It gets recorded. If I finish one track, and then play it while I record another one, the first track's audio gets recorded along with whatever I'm playing on the second track.

    I hope that makes sense. How do I fix it? If you need more info on the specs of the laptop/sound card, let me know. Thanks.

  2. Cancel that. HP did something useful for a change and e-mailed me new drivers. Fixed it.
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    :shifty: $300-500 software, noname card. Sounds like crack to me.
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