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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jeronimo, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. jeronimo

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    Hello guys,
    Yesterday I was kinda crazy thinking about some upgrades on my studio.
    First let me explain the whole situation:
    I live in Brazil where gear is very, very expensive. I have a friend that is moving back from the U.S.
    in september and he has the right to bring used stuff as he lived for more than a year outside Brazil.
    Right now I have:

    - Tascam 2524 24ch in line
    - Digi 001
    - Meek VC6
    - Korg 880 A/D 18bit
    - ART SGX Nightbass Studio Edition

    And I will for sure get an Apogee Rosetta so I can clock both the 001 and the 880 with it.
    Ok, now the deal is I track mostly rock bands like this:

    - drums (8/10 ch on the 2524. 8ch going on the 001 and 2 ch on the korg)
    - bass (DI on the VC 6 into korg)
    - guitar (POD into korg) ** this could be a keeper, it depends on the playing
    - guitar (whatever the player brings in and goes into the korg) ** if the band has 2 guits and each one
    plays totally different stuff from the other. that´s just a scratch track.
    - vox (into the 2524 out to the korg) ** scratch vocals only
    - click track (Yamaha PSR 160 into korg)
    - one channel free on the korg...

    I want to upgrade to a level where I don´t need to worry about buying stuff anytime soon, because I won´t
    buy anything here in Brazil...

    So I´m thinking about getting rid of my big´ol board ang going for something better and smaller, or even
    going with outboard pre´s only.

    I can also borrow some money too, just to make sure I won´t spend anymore soon :) .

    I can get around $1300/$1500 for my board here in Brazil and $800/$1000 for the Korg interface.

    So what do you guys suggest for pres? How many channels you think I need? For example, 4 channels to
    snare, kick and overheads and 4/6 more (cheaper ones) to toms and scratch vox. About the A/D I thought
    about those:

    Swissonic AD24 8ch A/D $750
    RME Audio ADI-8 Pro 8ch A/D/A $1300
    Lucid 8824 8ch A/D/A $2000

    C´mon guys, I know it´s a huge post, but I do need help... thanks!!!
  2. RecorderMan

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    Mar 28, 2001

    I suggest that you not cross post. Ask your question in one forum only (although I may be out of line mentioning this on a forum not under my jurisdiction)
  3. jeronimo

    jeronimo Guest

    sorry about this recorderman, but did crosspost because in my point of view, I could have diferent opinions from people that would post here and not on the PEH Forum. It´ll not happen again.
  4. Baiano

    Baiano Guest

    E ai me`irmao???
    Yes Jeronimo I am from Bahia,Itabuna and I lived in Salvador from 1984 to 1989.Now I live near Lisbon,Portugal.I am a session player and a Home Studio Beginner.My setup is :
    733 G4
    1100 RAM
    Tascam US-428
    Behringer Ultragain Pro
    Røde NT 1
    Fender BXR 300R Bass amp
    Johnson J-Station
    ADA MP2
    Roland XP-50

    I am thinkin about buying the Digi 001,but I`d better wait a bit,`cause Jaguar is in the near future of Apple`s OS and also I think I should wait for a device like the MBox but FIREWIRE (I have 2 Firewire slots in my Mac just sleeping here..).
    Good luck with your studio.Say hello to Ronnie Scott,Ivan Huol,Ivan Bastos,Giba,Tuzè Abreu and Geova Nascimento to name a few.
    Here`s my e-mail :

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