Help with Tascam US-428 and Cubase SX 2.0

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  1. Hello. I am running Windows XP (no service packs) with 384 mb of ram. I have a Tascam US-428 ( ) and am running Cubase SX 2.0.

    I do not get an input signal.

    Under Devices > Device Setup and under the Vst Inputs tab it says ASIO DEVICE US-428 (24 BIT)

    The Ports are

    1 US428 A
    2 US428 B
    3 US428 C
    4 US428 D

    they are all visible.
    Under VST Multitrack I have ASIO DEVICE US-428 (24 BIT) selected for my ASIO Driver

    Should ASIO Direct X Driver, ASIO Direct Full Duplex Driver, ASIO Multimedia Driver, or ASIO US-428 (16 bit) be selected

    The Clock Source is Internal
    the Input Latency is 24.921 ms
    the Output Latency is 37477074.762 ms

    Release ASIO Driver in Background and Direct Monitoring are unchecked.
    Under VST System Link

    all of the following are unchecked:
    Active ASIO Ports For Data Only
    Self Test

    ASIO Input is 1 US428 A
    ASIO Outpiut is 1 US428 B

    Online is unchecked
    Offset is 0

    Ins are 0
    Outs are 0
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    On the audio track you are recording to, make sure that you have the correct input channel selected, the track is armed, & also double check that the input signal is coming in by turning on the monitor button.

    If you are sending audio from the tascam & still not receiving a signal, you may need to double check the routing in the tascam unit to make sure the outputs are going to the right inputs of cubase, etc. - you may also need to re-connect or reset some of the vst connections until it works correctly.

    The vst system link information is not pertinent in getting signal for just the tascam audio so you shouldn't have to worry about that section.

    Be sure to use the tascam asio driver for best latency.

    To get going, I'd say start with troubleshooting the vst connections, setting the asio driver, & making sure your audio tracks are set to the correct input - overall, it is always something very simple - think of the basics & you should get it.
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    I seem to recall a similar problem with the US-224 where I had to go into the control panel and un-check, then recheck the monitor check boxes. This happened at random times. Maybe a different problem altogether tho. I haven't used it in over a year.


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