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    I just need some help to record my drums, Im new in the "business"....ha!

    I have a TASCAM DP-01 Digital 8-Track Portastudio, and 5 mics. I had recorded some examples, what I don´t know, is how can I put those little recordings in my computer and elaborate different sounds...? What special and cheap programs can I buy?

    Also, I want to elaborate different samples....and I don´t know what computer program I can use....


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    RTFM. If you don't know that means Read The Friendly Manual. :wink:

    Specifically the section titled "Importing and exporting tracks" in the "Using the USB connection".

    I don't mind helping a person out, but if they (meaning you) don't even read your own manual, I aint gonna read the damn thing for you.

    As for a special and cheap program, there are tons. Go buy an older or less functional version of cakewalk or cubase. Make sure that whatever you get that it supports VST plug-ins.

    I do not know what you mean by wanting to "elaborate different samples". Do you mean you want to replace, change or add effects to samples?

    If you get a software program, they generally come with effects or you can download VST ones if you have a program that supports that.

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