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  1. well, here's the deal... since there aren't any topics on recording curriculums or aids, I thought there should be. I am very interested in getting more into the business since I have my own original music and can't afford a recording studio... I figured since I'm a college student I should just put the money that I would spend on time in a studio to educate myself in the ways, and I'm sure there are other green horns on this forum that think likewise. so here it is... All of you experienced, recording savvy engineers and producers post all of the tips and helpfull curriculum that you would use if you had to do it all over again... weather it be software, tutorials, books, or even certain types of internships (something in which I am very interested in)...

    I greatly appriciate all of the expertise and experience shared on this forum, just thought it would be nice if we had a topic devoted to this since it has been fresh on my mind.
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    There has been many posts about this and I would have to say that I would do exactly what I have done. I'm not saying I'm the best nor am I saying I am even a good engineer YET. But I am an eager, determined, and improving student of audio engineering. I recorded my band, my friends bands, and anybody else I could get to come in my house for 2-3 years...I learned everything from experimentation and from forums just like this. I read books. I bought magazines. If I didn't learn something new and helpful eah day then I couldn't sleep at night. After I felt like I could no longer progress at the rate I had been I enrolled in a local technical school and got certified in Audio Engineering. It helped really fine tune those skills I was already using and got me used to a bigger facility and world class gear. It helped a lot to see how my experimentation and practices were good but could be made better by doing this...or doing this...or not doing this...Now I work in a commercial studio as a freelance engineer and I don't go chasing people to ask if I can record them...they come to me...and like I said I am not even a good or great engineer YET but with my determination, passion, and love for everything I will be. I recommend recording whoever you can get your grubby hands on. Or just spend days recording as many different instruments as you can and miking things a million different ways. Come on the forum, read stuff, try it out. Learn something everyday. Incorporate something new tomorrow.
  3. sorry, from what I've read I haven't seen any threads on curriculum but I'm sure there are plenty I just wanted a new one 8) thank you for the wisdom... I have just been doing some trial and error with my own music, but what you said about recording as many different instruments with as many different mic placements I hadn't thought of thank you!!! Also... I would be interested in a tech deg. for sound engineer or recording - something of that nature but haven't found one in my area in my price range hehe also I am going to school right now for a business man. bach and possibly a minor in music. for a good foundation, if I ever decide to open up a studio... so where was this school located?? was it just a community tech school? I live in Kentucky so all of the KCTCS schools are linked and I dont' believe any of them offer such a deg. I'm afraid they must be more specialized and therefor more expensive?

    ALL of the info I can get out of you guys will be GREATLY appriciated - I'm really looking for some curriculum so I can self instruct for now until maybe an internship pops up somewhere...
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