Hepl-Roland EXR-5 as MIDI software download?

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by t2roc, Apr 15, 2007.

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    I bought a used Roland EXR-5 and want to use it as a Midi controller to record on a computer with Cubase LE. I will need some driver or software so that the computer recognizes the MIDI info, dont I? Only thing I could find online is this, is this right? Anyone know where the link is? Please help. Thanks Michel
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    Cubase is your software. What you need is a midi interface so that you can record the MIDI data. You didn't mention what sort of audio interface you have. Many include MIDI jacks for recording/playing MIDI. If you don't have one, you need to get one. A simple one is all you need. USB ones work fine.
    What did you find online? Is what right? Do you mean you found the information saying you need a driver/software online? If so, like I said, Cubase is your software and you just need some sort of MIDI interface for the computer. That will include the drivers you need to record MIDI.
    Link to what? Is there something missing here or have I stayed up way too late and lost my comprehension abilities again?

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    Ive got a fireface 400, so there´s no problem with the interface. But Im imagining that the computer wont recognize the MIDI info w/out some sort of Driver or software, which I dont have cause I bought it 2nd hand.

    "Downloads & Updates

    EXR-5 Factory Data (PC Only)
    This download includes the files necessary to reload the original factory styles, user programs and songs.
    Note: You will need a PC runinng Windows 98 or higher to run these files.
    EXR Factory Data (PC - USB)
    This is the original factory Songs, Styles and User Programs for the EXR-3, 5, and 7. Please refer to the "readma.pdf" for the loading procedure.
    Note: You will need a PC with a USB port running Windows 98 or higher.

    EXR-5 System Version 1.03 (PC)
    This is the current update for the EXR-5. Please refer to the readme.pdf document for the update procedure. "


    "Songs, Styles and User Programs" I dont need of course.
    I found this on the roland site, but not sure if its what I need. Geuss Ill have to try it. Im afraid ive no experience with Midi.
    Any ideas? M

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