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Here's my situation

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by James HE, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. James HE

    James HE Guest

    I'm a musician first. (I think I just needed to say that to myself once)
    I've got a decent recording setup. Delta 1010, also a GadgetLAbs 496, pretty fast computer, Mackie 1402, ART MP, Nt-1, B-52, ATM25, 57's, ATM41HE, a bunch of software and plugin's... I need more mics and preamps. I feel like I'm on my way. I've been recording for almost 8 years. With just a 4-track for 6 of those years.
    I moved back to my parents farm after I graduated from college. I setup my studio there in one of the sheds. It used to be the office, so there's 2 smaller rooms built in (10' x 11') i use one of those as my control room. and a large open space about 22' x 24', uninsulated (very cold in the winter) there is no bathroom (we've got an outhouse in the woods behind the place though :D)This is my studio. I hope to build in there. It's not huge but it cold be workable. The shitty thing is that I am now working in the city about an hour and a half away! So I get to go home and to the studio only on weekends. I've done one project there for a friends band, and it was a great experience.
    I've gotten to the level where I'd like to really start working as an engineer, producer, whatever. My "studio" being so isolated in the country though It seems kind of rediculous to advetise it. If it was more put together, had a bathroom at least, maybe somewhere where artist's could stay the night- it would be great! I in no way have the funds to put that together right now. (nor do my parents want musicians crashing in the house)
    But I do want to find work. So I'm trying to get together a somewhat mobile recording set up. I'll still be using a computer based DAW pretty much cuz that's what I got and what I know. making it "mobile" is a pain, but I don't really mind lugging stuff around.

    I figure that when I'm here in the city, there will be lots more potential clients, but no space. On the farm, a decent space, but no clients... just crickets (loud buggers!)

    Basically I'm wondering if anybody has gone through a similar situation when they were first getting started, how they found work... etc. How should I bill myself? Should I concentrate on getting in at an established studio here in the city? (anybody have connections in Richmond VA?) Or just try and get some word out there, and when I find some possible work, try to arrange for a space?

    Am I making any sense?
  2. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Getting a job at a studio couldn't hurt. You can learn a lot while you save up to renovate the shed. The knowledge you pick up along the way will also help you with the construction process, lowering your chances of f'ing something up and having to redo the whole thing again later. And who knows, you might just find working at somebody else's place very enjoyable.
  3. I'd give this guy an email: http://www.cascaderecording.com/

    His studio's kinda out in the boonies also (though not as far as yours sounds!), he might be able to give you some tips :)

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