Here's What I have but what do I need?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by therobotjeff, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Hello first of all this is my first post alothough I've been stalking this board for a while and there are many intelligent people on here who I feel I can learn alot from. I am still rather new to the field of Digital Studio Recording although I try and read as many books as I can and put any available free time I have towards practicing on my DAW.

    Currently for my setup I have my PC which I built myself to have plenty of processing power for running a DAW...or so I may think. I have an almost completly digital setup for myself, for guitar needs I use Guitar Rig 2, for my bass needs I use Ampeg, Drums are a breeze thanks to Ez Drummer, and my Workstation is Sonar 6 producer Edition which contains enough synths to currently suite my Midi needs. My sound card is a Delta Audiophile 192 which I have been very pleased with since I bought it but heres my questions.

    1. Do I need a preamp and if so do I need one for my guitar and mic?

    2. Is my current card enough for what I am trying to do, or are there additional cards I could add to my arsenal.

    3. What suggestions would you make to an amature like myself to maybe avoid some painful mistakes along the way.

    Please feel free to put any helpful words or constructive critism my way, I honestly feel so small with this art and line of work that I have completely opened my mind to learn anything and everything I can from those more experienced.

    thanks Jeff
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    Jun 24, 2007
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    My best advice....

    My personal experience tells me everything is built on taste and every ear hears a lil bit different. So compare ears as much as possible.
    1.) A good tube preamp is a very good choice for an upgrade but its price might make some of us wait -- a decent one will cost $300 and upwards. The tube preamp could be used for certain tracks to make them warmer sounding i.e. vocals, guitars?, all things....?. I still need one myself.... lol Ok Ok I will buy one in the next month.
    2.) The sound card is a good one.... if it sounds good and configures w/ system well. It depends on your needs.... Do u need to record more tracks at a time than inputs on sound card? How good the A/D D/A converters are should determine alot about if a sound card is a high quality. I think M-Audio makes some good stuff... maybe look into getting a sound card that interfaces via Firewire?
    3) Well I am a fellow amateur too. I think we all can take advice but we have to make mistakes to really learn it.


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