Hey Aussies- Sebatron??

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Tungstengruvsten, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Sep 10, 2001
    Guelph, Ontario
    What can you downunders tell a canuck about Sebatron gear?
    I've been looking at the 4 channel tube pre, but with all the hyped up 'tube' gear that every manufacturer puts out these days I don't want a low power tube I can blend in to add warmth, i want a real tube pre. I've been through the website and just wondered if maybe someone had some real world experiences with the unit or could compare it with other similar gear.

  2. stedel

    stedel Guest

    I'm not familiar with Sebatron stuff - I'll see if I can track them down for you, but you might like to check out an Aussie company called "Peach".
    Here's an extract from a review in Australian mag "Audio Technology"

    "If you're one of those people out there still looking for superb design, hand made excellence
    and brilliant sound quality in your audio equipment and you're prepared to pay for it, the Peach 196 Vacuum Tube series of modular pre-amps are rare gems indeed. These high voltage valve mic pres are amongst the best money can buy and you would struggle to find a better product anywhere on earth."

    Brave words, but they were at pains to point out how many people they consulted, what these things were compared too (in real world listening tests),
    and how considered were their comments.

    The units retail over here for $1,750 and are available as a single item & in a
    "mainframe" rackmount unit that hold up to six.(and they look pretty darn cool nice big VU meter etc).
    As the Aussie dollar has almost no value at the moment, the exchange rate would see you VERY favourably placed.

    I'm certainly going to be sussing them out ASAP.

    Unfortunately Peach Audio doesn't have a website,
    if you're intersted (and from the sounds of it, they would be well worth checking out) here are their contact details:

    Phone (02) 9315 7525 (course you have to add the Aussie international code before this..which from memory I think is 61.
    email: peachaudio@bigpond.com

    Also Brisbane based JLMaudio make some very well regarded stuff...hot rodded versions of Neve based stuff. They also have a valve based mic pre:

    Kind regards :cool: JLM Audio
  3. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    stedel ... Joe

    did I see that right?

    Hi Joe :w:

    I haven't heard the Sebatron gear either and I am trying to fill out the competition form right now!!! BUT it doesn't work??

    By the way JLM has some cool looking stuff, so take a look.
  4. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Damn...quick!!!! What competition????????
  5. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    I went to the Sebatron site,


    and there is a competintion "popup" saying Less thas a week to go!


    I think you can win a stereo resonant filter thing called Modular Analog.

    But when I fill in my name and email address it errors with .. "The page cannot be found"
  6. wiggy

    wiggy Guest

    Hey the Sebatron stuff is Good but weird....

    I have known Seb for ages and seen his gear progress from infancy to soemthing fully useable. His 4 Channel pre's are very good for the money and nice sounding too. They are all hand made, class A discrete stuff. He is obsessed by perfomance and specs.. and strives to equal other 'higher end' brands specs. I have used the pre's and found them good for heaps of things.. while they are no Neves they certainly beat the $*^t out of 80% of things floating around. They can be patched into each other for heaps of distortion and overdrive as well. THe 4 Ch pre has electronically balanced outputs and hand wound mic input transformers made by a guy here in Melbounre who used to wind for the orignal ROLA and Trimax transformer companies. (Australia used to make some of the best transformers around BTW) Fot he $$ they are prett decent for a different flavour.

    THe VEQC is another 'Seb' box that ahs many interesting and very 'Seb' features. Its EQ is totally passive and has an infinite cut like an X-over. THe compressor is cool as well.

    his filters ARE THE $*^t!

    send him an email and chat etc..

    HOPE it helps


    Wiggy :w:
  7. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hmm. I'm doing this because I'm in a race with Julian. And I was wondering if Eric ever got round to trying them out, or finding more about the stuff he was interested in.
  8. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Sep 10, 2001
    Guelph, Ontario
    Haven't tried them out yet-I've emailed back and forth with some of the guys at Sebatron and Warm Cola but I think the prices have gone up since I looked at them first-reflection of the dollar maybe since they are aiming at international sales...i dunno. Anyways, I'm very interested and am working on a mix that might need something special like the tube EQ/Compressor-sounds pretty cool with the 'Deep' and 'Air' switches. I mean I could rent a tubetech or a summit for 3 months or I could own one of these....damn gear!!!


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