hey can anybody help me

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Bizzy173st, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Bizzy173st

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    I currently bought a tascam us-122 interface...A MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount and i have a pop filter.....sony sound forge,Cubase LE and cool edit pro.................but everytime i record it sounds awful idk but my voice sounds wierd and stuff....i want it to sound professional or at least good http://files.filefront.com/dissmp3/;6244603;;/fileinfo.html
    thanx to who ever can help me
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    Um.....this has nothing to do with mastering. At your current level of competance, you should be posting this in one of the other forums here; probably home project studio, or recording studio, but certainly NOT mastering.

    Things like this (mic technique, EQ, etc.) need to be addressed in the arranging, tracking and mixing side of things, NOT in the final stage of Mastering. By the time you get to the Mastering step, it's too late for most fixes; that is not where these problems should be addressed.

    FWIW, I don't support misogynist, homophobic rantings with expletives casually thrown in (no matter what the "artistic" intentions) so I stopped listening about 30 sec. into this. You should probably post a disclaimer before posting something as offensive as this here, or simply excerpt a portion of the work to show what the problem is, instead of subjecting unsuspecting others to the brunt of this clip. (I would imagine there are people reading this who should be cautioned to keep the sound low when previewing the clip.)

    Mods, please consider flagging this thread, or moving it elsewhere.
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    you are clipping occasionally. turn the dbs down at the source...meaning, not the fader, but the gain knob.

    keep your face between six and nine inches away from the mic...what sounds best.

    i use an mxl 990 and i always get good results...

    remember, that your voice sounds alot different to you than it does to others.
  4. audiokid

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    first post too, welcome to recording.org Bizzy173st.

    Joe is right so I moved this topic. It should be re titled as well!

    Bizzy173st, some tips to help you.

    Search first and read read read.
    Choose the right forum for help, the mastering forum was not the right forum. Mastering is after songs have been recording and mixed down (finished!).

    Choose titles that say something. "hey can anyone help me" means what, or has to do with what? Titles should have keywords in them. Somebody help me tell us nothing and may get bypassed leaving you emtpy. If you want presise help, go for the root of what you need and find the right forum to ask it in.

  5. Bizzy173st

    Bizzy173st Guest


    thanx for the help and sorry for the offensive lyrics but its that thats all i had on my computer at the time
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