Hey forum, What's your platform?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tweeksound, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. tweeksound

    tweeksound Guest

    What platform is everyone working on here just out of curiosity.
    How many use computer systems and what make and software,
    and how many dedicated hardware sytems and what make and model,
    I'm interested to see what people use these days, I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on what is most popular with the up and comming engineers as well as the time tested veterans
    Thanks for you're input.
    Great forum by the way. :cool:
  2. dwoz

    dwoz Guest

    you obviously aren't from Loudon.

    If you want us to show our tatahs, you gotta share FIRST.

  3. tweeksound

    tweeksound Guest

    Oops, I forgot. Menat to say I'm using the Akai DPS 24 Hardware DAW.
  4. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    (Dead Link Removed)

    (Dead Link Removed)
  5. twenty5south

    twenty5south Guest

    good to see another akai dps24 user around.....

  6. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    I'm hoping to have really good monitors one day. Like that vanillaice guys' stuff.


    I have a combo system. Analog frontend and a harddrive recorder....Thats just for tracking anyway. For mixdown I go to a bigger room and play on the ProTools HD3 stuff.
  7. tweeksound

    tweeksound Guest

    hey 25S
    I recognise you from the DPS forum.
    This place seems another good site to learn from, if you can find your way thru all the profanity, sarcasm, and rivalry between members.
    Everyone mostly uses PC platforms here.
    It's interesting.
    A lot of good advice though.
    See ya.
  8. Well I'm glad you asked!

    Actually, I hadn't intended on revealing that I was even going to throw my hat in the ring until late '06 or early '07, but since you were shrewd enough to ask, I'll reward your sharp eye with a straight and honest answer, because Shotgun is nothing if not honest and straight.

    To Begin With...
    First of all, I'd like to say that I'm proud just to accept my party's nomination. The Enjoyment Party is, admittedly, an upstart and not yet on the radar of the "big two," but I feel that it's the place to be in '08 and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

    Secondly, as a matter of housekeeping, I'd like to announce that my running mate will be Dwoz Dwozenhiemer. It was a tough choice, and many well-qualified folks were considered. It came down to a choice based on leveraging the appropriate synergy for the leap into the new millineum.

    The Platform
    I believe, like the Enjoyment Party believes, that America is strong. But we believe it can be stronger! The foundations upon which our forefathers bult a great nation upon this land are sound, solid and unbreakable. What we have before us is a renovation job of immense proportions. The house is beginning to look a little drab and the curtains could use replacing. The curb appeal, so to speak, needs a shot in the arm. What we intend to do is go full-bore "This Old House" on the United States and build a shiny new mansion that everyone can be proud of!!

    The first thing America needs is a better understanding of compression. Dwoz and I both believe that compression is a vital and important right to which all Americans are entitled. And it's true, many Americans are set pretty well for compression. But so many of our brothers and sisters around this great land are not. Over 15% of Americans think compression is used to excite dynamics rather than control them. A further 10% can only set their compressors if given a list of settings by someone else. These situations cannot be allowed to continue. We have to do something, and the time for action is now!

    Americans are a proud people--we're proud of our heritage, proud of our history. But the unfortunate reality is, many of our younger Americans have a weak, almost feminine grasp on that history. An alarming number of high school students in this country do not recognize the names Joe Meek, Bob Olhsson, Mixerman or Slipperman. There are college graduates handing out resumes today that have never threaded a tape machine, some of them have never even seen an insert cable. In this day and age, many younger children think that a reverb chamber is a myth like Atlantis and good bar-be-cue outside the South.

    My fellow Americans, it is time to act! It is time to grab this wayward bull by its horns and steer him into the destiny we all know he's capable of reaching. We are all on this ship together, but someone must fly the plane. I submit to you that Dwoz Dwozenhiemer and myself hold the appropriate licenses and endorsements for the vehicle in question. WE SHALL OVERCOME!

    Do not be discouraged, friends. A better day is coming. Some day the sun shall shine anew on the face of America and we will look up to meet its rays like an innocent child on a summer morning. Some day all our children will have access to Fairchild compressors and Pultec EQs. Some day no American will ever misconstrue the rules for mic placement with respect to phase coherency. Some day...will be soon. Some day...will be OUR day.

    Thank you and don't forget to vote!

  9. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    No way would I vote for Shotgun. I'm all about Walken in '08

    Um, Mac, PT, Etc... moving to Logic soon.
  10. tweeksound

    tweeksound Guest

    dwoz, are you rffering to Loudon NH?
  11. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004

    Uhhhh, you might wanna cut this out of the televised version of your platform speech. Broads hate it when they are talked down to and called "weak" or whatever. :roll:
  12. tweeksound

    tweeksound Guest

    In my oppinion compression is to over used and people have forgotten about the longevity actual "Dynamics" can add to their music.
    Lets end the level wars today and bring our boys (and girls) home safely.
  13. dwoz

    dwoz Guest

    is there any other "show me your tatahs" Loudon, with a Bike Week?

  14. dwoz

    dwoz Guest

    Ok, the dwoz home rig:

    First, foremost, the dwoz-O-Sonics, only the most accurate, unforgiving, revealing, luscious, effusive, natural-sounding, monitors on the face of the entire planet. Manufacturer: dwoz.

    speaker cable by HomeDepotAccoustiSonics.

    bryston doing the heavy lifting.

    a mongrel variety of ADCs.

    couple plastic boxes full of all kinds of cables...TRS cables, balanced cables, unbalanced cables, and I do NOT pay attention to who's logo is on the connectors, unless it fails to connect.

    a Panasonic broadcast board. Panasonic, of course, is actually Ramsa, and this board is not one that I've seen anywhere else, I think it might even be a prototype. Lots of broadcast type features. Usable pres. Nothing to write home about, but it eats a Mackie for mid-morning snack. Kinda comparable to a Ghost, without automation. It fell in my lap, it lit up when I plugged it in, it does the trick.

    A computer. With software.

    A Chapman Stick

    A Fender Bass.

    A dwoz-o-Sonic bass (6 string fretless...I know...ghey.)

    A couple of "vintage keyboards".

    A couple of "vintage tape decks".

    Some misc. outboard.

    Some insulation hanging in various places around the room.

    Some Samuel Adams Oktoberfest.

    A pop filter that I made out of a child's easter sunday tights. sounds as smooth as a baby's tush.

    Some other stuff.

    Lots of procrastination.

  15. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Is it Tuesday YET!?>?

    I cant wait to have my chad hangin.

    Okay. I will admit to having a DBX rack thingy.

    Yeah, its got yer easy-over thingy and yer usual EQ's and such....Its also got the MAGNIFICENT Aphex compellors and whatnot.

    Hell, buy the frikin record if ya wannna know what it sounds like.

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