Hey TASCAM Fans...Whatcha Doin'?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jeff, TASCAM Guy, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. Hey everyone,

    So, if you're popping by this forum, why don't you let us know what you're doing with your TASCAM gear! Writing tunes? Recording movie soundtracks? Capturing your dog barking in twelve different keys?

    Let us know! :D

    - Jeff, TASCAM Guy
  2. Hey, jeff...you're so cool. I'm glad you asked this thought-provoking question. Let's see...

    1. I'm using my US-428 for both audio and MIDI I/O into my iMac and Cubase VST 5. Right now, I'm working on two different songs of mine just for the hell of it. My wife wants to record a compilation of her own arrangements of cover songs, so I'm begrudgingly starting that new project as well.

    2. I just saw a Gretsch Sparkle Jet on sale for $289, and I think I'll go buy one tomorrow. Can you ever have enough guitars? Enough RAM? Enough money?

    I guess that's it. So what are you doing?

    - Jeff
  3. llornkcor

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    May 8, 2001
    Brisbane, Australia (originally Boulder, CO, USA)
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    well, well, well.
    Taken to talking to yourself, eh, Jeff? That's ok, musicians are just weird like that.

    Well, now. I've been working on some new songs, and redoing some other old songs.
    I'm also going to have to rent an additional ADAT to transfer tracks so I can remaster them using Cubase.
    Of course the 16 track transfer isn't being done by Tascam equipment, but the 428 is sure going to control Cubase! whooohoooo!!!

    echo... echo..... echo..........


  4. Right on, my brotha! And nice to see you outside of our official BBS over at http://www.tascam.com .

    This weekend, I'm going to start work on a project that my wife requested for Christmas. Why am I starting her Christmas present in July? Well, she wants to do an entire album of her singing new arrangements of various cover tunes. Not my cup of tea, but a) it's a cheap present in terms of $$$, though not time and b) why complain about working on music, especially when my wife can't give me any crap about it! :D

    - Jeff
  5. Henrysb3

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    I'm working up a cover tune for my friends who are celebrating 30 yrs of marriage today. They were married 7-3-71, the day Morrison checked out. I'm also going to dedicate it to my wife of 20 yrs last month. The song? "Thank You" by J. Page & R. Plant, probably one of the most beautiful uncovered ballads on earth.

    "If the sun refused to shine,
    I would still be loving you.
    Mountains crumble to the sea
    There would still be you & me..."

    I'm going to do it on my new axe, a Yamaha classic with piezo in the bridge and a condenser in the sound hole. She gave it to me for our anniv. last month.

    No, you can never have too many guitars, but maybe the world has too many missiles to build a gazillion $ defense system.

    "Thanks to you it will be done,
    For you to me are the only one."


  6. My wife loves "Thank You". It's a nice little love tune in the midst of an otherwise hardcore (for the time) record.

    - Jeff

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