Hey....where do i start...again???

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by sxytech, May 15, 2006.

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  1. sxytech

    sxytech Guest

    ok so this is my problem...I NEED an APPRENTICESHIP!! :shock:

    ..but b/c i cant find one i was wondering what books you could reccomend to a musicaly inclined, out dated sound tech... it seems quite a dilema to me b/c i have the ear to do the mix/EQ wonderfully but understanding the set up.....put it to ya this way....i learned to operate a board when i was 16 (a shitty lil 32 channel Mackie) and have toured with groups, had my own production/in-house installation/reapair biz and have been working for the I.A.T.S.E. for 5 yrs now....I'm now 24yrs old and was just givin the position of HD sound for one of the IA locals i work with at a Theatre.....BUT i feel like i've been trying to figure out how things are set up(as far and starting from nothing and ending up with a Mon position and a FOH position) ever since i started years ago... i understand the basic flow of singal from the voice to the mic to the snake to a ch. on the board from the channel to on board EQ to Aux buses to pre/post to groups to your fader from your fader to your main group faders to the main L/R/C direct out BUT from there i get soo freakin confused b/c theres computers and DSP's and sends and returns and Matrix and tons of other stuff compared to what i learned on...am i just stupid and am never going to get it or does anyone else have this prob??(rhetorical)

    ...Also i know this is mainly a "recording" site but i asked b/c im ventureing into studio recordeng but still feel sooo frustrated with the basics im not sure i want to invest the $ yet. any literature or advice/encouragement would be appreciated......this site is a great source of knowledge...thank u for your time

  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    You're looking too deep. How did you get into IATSE at such a young age? At any rate, the signal flow is the same essentially. Most DAW's are based on the signal flow on a mixing console. What software are you using? I'm assuming it's mainly for routing and not for recording in a theater environment. I would think that the majority of it is still hardware based. Pardon me for my ignorance, I haven't been behind a live board in years. Then again, how did you get into that position if you have no knowledge of how the gear works? Do at least have some lackeys that you could designate to run the software for you?
  3. Michael Fossenkemper

    Michael Fossenkemper Distinguished past mastering moderator Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2002
    NYC New York
    Home Page:
    You are pretty young. If i'm able to learn a whole new way of working, then i'm sure you are able to. You just have to put in the time. Maybe hire someone that knows the equipment for a weekend to show you the ropes. a couple of good 6 hour days, maybe a few hundred bucks out of your pocket would be a wise investment.
  4. sxytech

    sxytech Guest

    Hey guys...i got into the IA in at such a young age b/c i had been touring with Extreme Edge produtctions (a production company out of the church i aprrenticed at ) since i was 16..i went to college for a couple yrs in roanoke and my first semester started Excellence Produtions with two school mates and got noticed by the Business Agent and MMP VP and they asked us if we wanted to work a show. From there i just worked my ass off in Roanke(local 55) and TN,WV,NC,NY... i now live in Va beach, virginia and work for local 264....the Ferguson Center(theatre) is only in its 2nd season and no one really knew the system or was willing to take on the hassel except me... i luv learning. anyway..its a 55milllion dollar theatre..and yes..the patchbays and computers*(the signal goes through a snake. then to an on stage patchbay, to a FOH position for incoming shows, then to the board in the booth, from the borad to another patchbay...i think???, to a computer, out to EQ. DSP's then to a locked room 4 stories above where the amps are, then to the 60 speakers throught the theatre)* is what threw/throws me off BIG time....theres also clear-com and matrix....which i hadnt heard of until i stared there in January....the theatre has NO blueprint of how the system was set up so whenever a show comes in i liturally draw a diagram of how they patch into our system b/c theres so many different ways......the major thing is i havent worked with any digital $*^t yet...i mean ive been around it but not yet gotten my hands on it...i used to work with an anolog board and my ears to EQ a house and vocals/instru. ect.... i have NO clue about this patchbay/computerized, cant see what your wokin with, stuff...yet the joy of everyday, no matter how long it took me to figure something out, is getting to make it sound "pretty". :wink: so i figure,"hmm, i think i should look into recording/design and i'd like to eventually get back into doing house/venue installtion and repair." And here i sit :roll:
  5. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    Wow, that does sound pretty complex. It sounds like you are getting overwhelmed by the bigness of it all and it probably isn't as foreign as it feels right now. Just go back to your basics of signal flow. If you have access to the theater at night or in the morning or whatever, just spend time following cables, working with the patchbay to see how it is routing things, see if you can take a simple signal like a CD player and route it through all the steps. Kinda like once you learn one channel on a console, you pretty much know the whole board however big it is. The only problem I can see is learning the computer software whatever it is, if you are not computer literate. You may need some help there. But most digital audio devices are just models of analog devices, so it isn't too scary. Sounds like fun!
  6. sxytech

    sxytech Guest

    :D It is fun ..if you like challenges....and thanx Reggie for your advice ...i havent even started looking at the comuter software they have...i know that all the amps are controled from the comp. but thats about it.. im still rackin my brain trying to figure out the set up...not that it matters that much b/c its an in-house (perm) set up...i just dont like looking like an idiot when a touring company comes in and asked "so how the hell is this place set up?"...i just look at um and say" im still trying to figure it out. " ... if you ask me its sad really. they have enough equipment to fill a house/theatre 3x's the size of the Ferguson center yet they wont let IA come in on an off day to figure $*^t out....when i did try to do that NO ONE would offer assistance and they all made me feel pretty stupid...plus everything is locked so even if i wanted to try and figure out some stuff i coulnt get to it..but at the same time, whenever a shows in town, there proud to have me(IA) there so they dont have to look stupid...I'll figure it all out and from this experience raise the level of knowledge i have in audio engineering and theatre. it'll just take some time....

    .....so, can anyone reccomend any books on the digital world of audio??
    ...im gonna get the book on the secrets of recording.. despite the problems and challenges ive run into at work the joy of the day is still makin $*^t sound great so i am gonna invest in a package deal from sweetwater and start expanding my audio knowledge in the recording spectrum. :wink:

    ...anyone know where to get cheap Mac's?
  7. lantiss

    lantiss Guest

    I've got this kind of matrix system here at my work place. It's a LCS, LevelControlSystem, an operate thru the software CueStation. If this is the system you got, and often in theatre that's what they use, I could help you whith it.
  8. sxytech

    sxytech Guest

    thanx lantiss...im off right now for about a week but as soon as i get back to work i'll check the software and let you know whats up. :wink:
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