Hi all, i own a label and.......

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matt212004, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. matt212004

    matt212004 Guest

    Hi Everyone

    nice forums!

    i own a record company, i have everything in place, the studio, producer, song writers etc, but....

    where do i get bands and singers from?

    i know there are thousands of singers/bands out there looking for a deal, but how do i go about seeing some of thse people? i live in england.

    thanks all.

  2. Roey

    Roey Guest

    It really depands what music you are interested to market... Rock? Hip hop? Pop? But basically it can work 2 ways:

    One way is to promote your company as one that looks for new talents and seeks for demos. This can be done either formally, i.e., by putting adverts on music magazines etc. (small advert on Music Week will probably raise you many phone calls from personal managers) or informally - by putting adverts in art colleges, venues etc.

    Also, you can act as an A&R and go to see some live gigs.

    Actually, there are so many ways... what kind of music are into? And where about do you live in England?
  3. matt212004

    matt212004 Guest


    Im sorry for not posting more info on myself etc

    I live in Essex, England.

    I will deal in mainly pop music, but maybe in future open the doors wider.

    you had some good ideas there mate, going to see gigs ide enjoy, sorry i cant see my other post while writing this, did i say i was starting out? i just starting the company, so now seeking giudence etc

    the label is called Big Records.

    i also loved the idea of a music mag ad, very good idea mate

  4. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    why don't you start by posting a link to your website- you might stir some interest right here on RO... but people do need to know that you are for real.
  5. matt212004

    matt212004 Guest

    I agree with you maintiger, i am for real.

    I am having a site built for me, the second its finished i will post a link up.
  6. Roey

    Roey Guest

    Well, three advices for you at the moment:

    Buy a book about the music business ("All you need to know about the music business" would be a good start - get the UK Edition).
    Check out the BPI website (http://www.bpi.co.uk) mainly the business info section.
    Also, if you didn't do so already - get a copy of Music Week.
  7. matt212004

    matt212004 Guest

    hi mate

    ive read my book, "music: the business" i agree all the info needed is there, i have all the contracts and im set to go.

    sorry not heard of music week. but i will be hunting for it now.

    and i will check out BPI now, thankyou mate
  8. wakeupbomb

    wakeupbomb Guest

    Are you interested in bands, and singers, and what not from the States, or are you just looking around the UK?
  9. matt212004

    matt212004 Guest


    At the moment im just looking around the UK as it would be tough to do anything in the states from here right now.

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