Hi-Hat Mic.. c414? km85??

Discussion in 'Hi-Hats' started by sushifish, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Hello all, I have one more mic needed before tracking can begin. Hi-Hat. I was pretty set on getting a c414 (gold grill) because it can be used on many applications. Also considering a c60 (hard to find, love em!), KM85/84 (BIG NEUMANN FAN).
    Any thoughts or experiences would be much apprieciated! Thanx -matt

    btw, I record digital and I'm using Avalon pre's. Progressive styles.
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    You don't need much for hi-hat, a AT 4041 would be fine really. If you wanted to get fancy with it I think a Gefell M300, a Josephson C42, or a vintage Neumann KM84 or KM88 would do nicely.
  3. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    [quote="atlasproaudioIf you wanted to get fancy with it I think a Gefell M300...[/quote]


    I think the M in M300 and in M29x stands for

  4. tmcconnell

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    I think the choice depends on the role of the hh in the music you are recording, and the timbre of the rest of the kit - and the hat itself. On a harsh HH, many sdc's sound too harsh. A warmer mic can help a lot. Do you want the hat to drive the song, or be a central player? Then use a flattish ldc very close. Frankly, the attribute I look for most is good rejection and clean off axis. t.

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