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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by txu, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. txu

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    hi there, i play spanish guitar in a uberamateur environment. i have a wamirack esi pro 192 soundcard, cubase and a sm57, which i know is not the right mic.
    so i d like to hear some advice on best mic to use , up to 300 usd, or if in a room like mine (windows, furniture) it d be worth the extra expnese of getting two mics. also the positioning of them ...

    finally, what kind of basic tweaks in eq, compression would you think as usually necessary for this instrument?

    thanks a lot, i ve been reading the stickies and related threads, but since i ve been a lurker for a while i thought i d ask.
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    try this

  3. txu

    txu Guest

    will do thanks
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    I have comprehensively experimented with recording the classical guitar, being a lapsed player and all. The way to go is a stereo mic, no question, and don't get too close. Most acoustic guitar recording is done with mics stuffed near the sound hole or the fretboard, neither of which make any sound.

    Place a stereo mic at least 1m away from the body of the instrument, perpendicular to the plane of the top, so this means about 1m above the ground, if you sit with the instrument tilted slightly up. This technique is the only way to start to capture the glorious mix of the sound radiation from the whole top of the guitar, and to spread this mix across a stereo image.

    Add some room mics or a tiny amount of artificial reverb if necessary, ie if it sounds a little dry.

    Now in this budget, I would recommend the Rode NT4 stereo mic. It can run on phantom or from an internal 9V battery, and is excellent value for money. I am not sure which if any of the chinese junk mics around might do a similar job, and its not because I am an Aussie, but the Rode is a good investment. Mr Freedman seems to look after his customers and the after sales is good by all reports. I don't own any Rode's yet, but recommend, use and listen to an NT4 often.

    If budget is no limiting factor, then a blumlein stereo mic, like the C426 (my favourite) or the SF24 is stunning. I am also loving the Coles 4040 on guitar as well. If you want to hear samples of the Coles 4040 on guitar, properly miked, search for the samples in these threads.
  5. txu

    txu Guest

    thanks a lot, i ll definitely look into those. i do have the usual sm57 and 58 but wont get a cheapo condenser. rather wait to get one of those rhodes you mentioned. guess i will be going through a lot of trial and error too!
  6. txu

    txu Guest

    well happy new year all
    here are my crappy attempts, i d appreciate criticism and a bit of advice - execution is not that great either but this is for recording qualitty purposes only. two sm57s, one about a foot oof the sound hole, and nother one about 3 feet away .
  7. txu

    txu Guest

    bump for a noob

    any tweaks i make on compression etc seem to do little difference - any basic tips at all?

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