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  1. This might explain my situation....

    YouTube - sugelanren's Channel

    I'm a bedroom giutar player that has just picked my guitar back up after about 8 years (with a year in that 8 where i farted about). A friend of mine who posts funny song videos on the web talked me into posting one on a forum i visit (a chess one).

    I now plan to post a song every week/couple of weeks to diary my improvements in playing, and i'm looking for some cheap ways to increase the sound quality. I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind me getting some hardware, but any truck bringing sound equipment would be met at the door with the soggy stump of my right arm. So, can anybody help me with some tips or some equipment i could maybe surf ebay for that would help me produce a decent quality production?

    Thanks in advance....huck.
  2. Additional....i was thinking maybe a mic + stand, a pickup for my guitar, and something that i can record on ( a four track or something) that i can upload to my computer....i can then get rid of the audio from the video, and add the audio from the decent recording. I know things have moved a long way since i was last near a studio, but even when i was in one i just plugged into my amp and played.
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    What's your budget?

    You could consider a Zoom H4N recorder plus an external microphone (or two). The H4N is a 4-track recording device with a built-in pair of stereo condenser mics and two further inputs for microphones or guitars. It plugs into a computer via USB and the recorded tracks are instantly accessible to any audio software.

  4. A friend on another site just suggested the Zoom H4...and L R BAGGS pick up systems ( i have a gibson epiphone with no pickup). Another guy suggested a shure mic, as i suggested i wanted a budget item (i guess my budget would be around 1,000 euro tops for the lot, but less would be better). I know i'd rather buy something mid range so if i wanted to progress to live giging or getting into a band, my equipment would be useable....also for reasonable resale value if i got bored.

    edit...just bought the h4n for 329 euro from amazon.

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