High end studio cables. What do you suggest?

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by mrbwnstn, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    I want to upgrade the cables linking my hardware in my studio. Mainly, I need MtoF XLR cables connecting my pre amps to my Firepod. I want to keep my sound clean and pure. What cables do you suggest? Any links?
  2. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    ALSO!!! The cables only need to be about 1 ft long. If that makes any difference.
  3. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    I've always had a hard time believing there is much difference between cables.

    If it was me, I'd just make sure the connectors were of good quality(Some brand name, maybe? Switchcraft/Amphenol, whatever.) and that the cable itself and the workmanship "seemed" good(Pretty obvious.).

    Hossa makes short cables, available at many music stores... ProCo, maybe? Good stuff - not expensive, but I find that no object...

  4. foldedpath

    foldedpath Guest

    I think it makes sense to take a middle-of-the-road approach with cables. Don't get the cheapest stuff like Hosa off the rack at your local Guitar Center, and don't get sucked into the $100+ per foot audiophile "voodoo science" cables either. Wire is just wire, but the shielding matters, and connector hardware quality matters. I don't want to worry about cable being the weak link between two or three very expensive pieces of hardware, especially at the very front end of the signal chain ahead of the A/D converters.

    Anyway, I have my current home studio wired with Monster cables. It's a little overpriced for what it is, but at least the connectors are decent quality and it's easy to find everywhere. If I was doing it over again, or had to wire a new studio from scratch, I'd probably roll my own with bulk Mogami cable and Neutrik connectors, so I could get custom (shortest possible) lengths on everything.
  5. nak

    nak Guest

    if your going into a firepod, the cable is not going to make a difference holmes... sorry
  6. vividsonics

    vividsonics Guest

    Rolling your own is a really great way to go. Even if you can't afford Mogami, Gepco works pretty well for most people and is fairly inexpensive. Switchcraft or Neutrik connectors seem to be standard fare.
  7. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    Buy some neutrik pluggs and some klotz cable.
    Then make the cables you need. low price, high quality.
  8. dpd

    dpd Active Member

    Sep 29, 2004
    IMO, if you run balanced internconnects (XLR indicates that you are) and they are very short, the impact of different cables will be less than they would be unbalanced and/or longer.

    I'd go for something well-shielded and use great connectors and roll your own.
  9. tmcconnell

    tmcconnell Guest

    There a difference

    I recently compared my hosas with a monster with a ribbon mic and the difference was huge - not so much in frequency response but noise performance.
  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    IMO there are basically 3 types of cables...
    1st the cheap cables= cheap sound
    2nd the basic run of the mill cable= decent sound
    3rd the best cable= best sound possible
    So maybe you could look at it that way, and maybe that can help you decide how much money you want to spend on cables.
    Do you care if it's cheap sound? If the answer is NO
    Then go with the cheap stuff. (I say steer clear of cheap cables)
    Or if you just want a decent sound, then go with the 2nd choice.
    But if you want the cables to last a long time and you want to get the best sound possible. I suggest getting the Monster cables or even better the Magomi cables.
    My 2 cents
  11. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    Thanks for everyone's input. I'm going for as high quality sound as I can get. I'll look into your suggestions.
  12. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    "monster cables"..
    Monster is just BS :p
    Over priced regular stuff with a cool name.

  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    I have to agree Monster is overpriced. They got me for many and many hundreds of $$$$$.
    But their cables are NOT BS. They are good quality cables.
    The Mogami cables have a more in depth scientific view on the research and devolopment of their product. There are less eddie currents on the Mogami cables, and they use oxygen reduced copper, and they don't need to advertise, "with a cool name" like HansAm said.
    Because they are the industry standard worldwide. Mogami is used in virtually 95% of your big time studios, names like Universal Arts, Electra Records, Sony Records, you name it.
    Mogami is owned by Marshall ...ever heard of those guys? :D
    If you make your own cables MrBrownStone. You can use Mogami 2549 and Gold tipped Neutrik connectors (the best connectors out there) and still save a furtune. I did. And I got all my stuff from RedCo dot com
  14. Motske

    Motske Guest

    Hey all, I've had great success with Neutrik connectors / Canare Cable. Sounds nice and priced reasonably. I would suggest to check the soldering connections before buying (if you're buying a premade that is)... and don't assume it's right (solid soldering) without checking.
    Making your own cables is another way, and is more fun than fleshing out for premades :)
  15. tedcrop

    tedcrop Guest

    Hey all I have to say. Outline what you want and give Redco a call. They will make up some custom Mogami Cables at a wonderful price. I just recabled my entire studio at half price from pre-fab Sweetwater prices and got the lengths that I wanted.
  16. axel

    axel Guest

    i absolutely 2nd that, klotz and neutrik, cheap(-ish) and as good as it gets, there is nothing that touches it outthere not even for a million bucks a meter!!! sounds above superb and lasts a lifetime...

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