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    Long story short, I am recording voice-overs so I need a USB PC friendly interface. I'll be using a Shure SM7B (client request), so I need something with quality, low noise, high gain pres. One (or two) channels is fine. Wall power or bus powered isn't a factor to me, as long as the pres have plenty of headroom for dynamic microphone voice recordings (which I would assume would be limited by bus power, but I am not sure). I would use the Apogee One (which has 65 db of gain on tap) but it is mac only and I'll be using a PC. I am thinking I need at least 50 db of gain in the pres. Ideas?

    Your input is appreciated!
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    No, you don't need a high-gain pre-amp for recording voice-overs using an SM7B. You do need a high-quality pre-amp, or maybe a channel strip so you can add some compression at record time. The now-discontinued Universal Audio LA610 was a classic for this type of work, but there are suitable offerings available from Neve and API amongst others. Some channel strips have a built-in computer interface and others need an external interface.

    If you are setting yourself up as a VO professional, don't skimp on the gear or the room treatment.
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    Listen to Boswell. Why would you possibly need "high gain" for an SM7b? It isn't a ribbon microphone. For voice over professionals a quality channel strip is almost a necessity.

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