High Quality Keyboard Mixer recommendation?


Bonjour tout le monde,
i work at post-pro studio in paris, and we're looking for a "high quality" keyboard mixer to do some keyboard premixes before sending them to PTools. I'm lookkng for some "rackable" stuff . Something like the new trident would be nice but i need a stereo bus and at least one or two aux sends. Or maybe a small 16 or 24 channel console? No mackie stuff though, not "flashy" enough for the boss ;) .

thanx a lot in advance


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Sep 5, 2000

[="http://www.cranesong.com/products/spider/index.html"]Check this one out...[/]


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Feb 10, 2001
The Speck Electronics "Xtramix" is probably your best bet...it's an 8 bus mixer with a total of 72 inputs in a 4 rack space unit...

See [url="(dead link removed)[/url] for details. Ang, your suggestion of the 'Spider' is a good one, but at this time it's still in burn in and testing, so it won't be out for another few weeks (and there is a backlog of orders behind that)...plus, there is no "D to A" on it at this time (one is planned, but that's a future thing) and while there is a "2 mix bux", there are no aux sends planned (maybe on a later version...who knows).

"e.bar", I wish you the best of luck with your search.
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