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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by yzfwv, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. yzfwv

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    Searched a bit and all but...

    Can anyone reccomend a decently priced (no more than about $150) software that can be used to make hip hop beats? Something that would have a "drum machine" and some other good stuff to use.

    I want something to supplement some of the recording I plan on doing using vinyls with samples and other beats. I would really like to use it for my "backup" like if I have some kind of beat that's close but not exactly what I want...

    I want something that doesn't sound like an old casio keyboard.

    any reccomendations would help out immensely...
  2. Cortezz

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    http://www.hiphopstars.com or starz cant remba pretty simple to use n cheap...
  3. Adversity

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    fruity loops could be good if u have time and patience and have good sounds , samples, etc. FL studio has some ok but the sounds are too cheap soundin. if i had money i would just get a drum machine, a synth, and arrange the beat in a multitrack.
  4. JSRockit

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    Fruity Loops, Reason, Live, Cakewalk Sonar, Arturia Storm, etc.

    For the money you are asking...if you have a PC...get Fruity Loops. If you have a Mac, find the Adapted versions of Reason and Live.
  5. dudlew

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    Fruity loops has grown into FL Studio. Its a nice package and there are lots of free samples you can get from off of the FL Studio web site. I use it and am impressed. Its affordable, easy, and can be used for much more than hip hop. I use it to do alternative, soca, reggae, rock gospel.... anything I want to write.

    For me its great. Other people here would probably prefer to use other programs, but this one fits me like a glove.

  6. Atlas

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    Why spend money on fruity loops and just waste your time. Fruity loops has corny sounds, has a difficult and strange interface, and is just plain cheap. Use Reason. Everyone uses reason.
    The only thing that comes close is Impulse Tracker, an old tracking mod that is basically a sample sequenser. You can use it as a drum machine and it gives everything this awesome cruchy compression. I wish it was compatable with everthing else, like reason is!
  7. JSRockit

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    Yes, the samples are cheesy...but you can make Fruity Loops sound just as good as Reason. 9th Wonder (Hip-Hop Producer) makes beats using Fruity Loops exclusively...and has big name clients. I've used both and can make both sound good.
  8. Ness

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    I vote Reason hands down. I used to use FL studio (fruity loops) but compared to reason it can be a bit convoluted. Also reason will give you more stuff to play with if you want to throw any effects over those beats. Finally, reason contains their "matrix" editor which can be used as an appregiator, but throw some really low notes on it and it can be an awesome rythmic toy to play with.
  9. JSRockit

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    Reason is better...but you can't sleep on Fruity Loops. Fruity Loops can accept VSTs into its sequencer, so that means it can be anything you want.

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