hiss in recordings??

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by imloggedin, Sep 10, 2005.

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    every few minutes when playing a song through sonar (on my emu1212m and my tascam fw1804) i hear a SHHHHHH noise for a split second, it even happened when i explorted to wav. it doesnt happen on mp3s i play or anything else, but apparently sonar writes the noise to wav files if it happens when im bouncing. what is this noise? ive tried changing my latency alot and cant get rid of it. with either unit. heres the noise im talking about http://www.bluesunday.net/noise.wav this has been happening a long time! please help. changing latency doesnt fix it.
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    Sure its not a DEMO plugin? A lot of the software people put this into their software when it is a demo so you can't use it without paying for it. Some also just drop out the audio for a second or put a tone into the music. I would start checking to make sure all your plugins are "legal"

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    only plugin in the whole project is a valid waves plugin. not a demo. it seems to happen more often the more tracks and effects i run.
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    it did end up being a PSP reverb plugin. i dont know why it did it, but i had it on a send. hope this helps anyone having the same problem. it was a hiss about every 20-30 seconds. thanks for the point in the right direction thomas.

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