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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Antho, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Antho

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    Hi there.

    I have a few HM1's. I was going to get a Studio Projects C3 & pair of C4 as a brighter compliment to the more neutral HM1. I really like the HM1 sound, but it is a whats the word...unsuitable is PC, on some vox and instruments...

    I figure the SP C3 can do duller vox that need brightening up and take care of all the pop I do, and the C4's can replace the HM1's as overheads in many situtations.

    Does this mentality make sense? HM1 for brighter sources, and for some vox and to tame really bright cymballed drum kits, and C4 / C4 to liven up some vox and brighten up duller cymbals and bring more snare out...

    What think ye all? And would you have any better suggestions for alt mics or philosophies?

    I am following another thread about AT mics, and was considering a 4033 or 4047 or similar, but I'm wondering if they'll overlap the HM1's too much, where the C3 will seem to provide something starkly different in it's presence as it's chart and all the reports indicate.

  2. frob

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    Apr 23, 2004
    any of the posted mic are quality mics that you would get decent results with. if i where you and i had the money i would go with the c4s, at4033 and then get the c3 on next time.
  3. bounce

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    i just sold my 2 4033's. i would say they are on the brighter end of things closer to the C1/C3 than the Kel. Just a thought ; )

  4. Antho

    Antho Guest


    Frob, why might you go with the 4033 before the C3? More versatile? I'm not too sure I'd ever get both, it'd be a choice between the two methinks. I'm thinking I might getting a Lawson mic next year...and am holding out for that. Have you heard these mics?

    bounce, are they your 4033's on ebay? Maybe not...but I bid on those :) So they are brighter eh than the Kels, more like the C3...which would you go for?
  5. JeffSanders

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Fairhaven, MA USA
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    The Audio Technica line has much better craftsmanship and imho sound than any 797 Audio products.
    Maybe it's just me, but I've used both (three different Chinese mics, actually) and the AT mics just make me feel more confident. So performance is just a little better. My 4047 is just beautiful sounding to me and has...spirit.

    Sort of like playing a Hondo Les Paul copy vs. maybe an ESP Les Paul copy.
  6. bounce

    bounce Guest

    Audio Technica mics are very fine mics. I just picked up a bunch of chinese mics to see what the hubub is all about. The price is pretty. I thought it might be a compliment to my existing locker for some new colors. The jury is still out on my C1. I need to try it on some other pre's i have (have tried it on one in a rush and it was pretty cool so far but there is quite a bit of top end that may or may not be friendly (i tried it on a female vocalist that is usually a little extra juicy anyway and it was a bit too sparkly for her voice). Word is they're nice mics but I haven't made a conclusion either way yet. As far as medium/large diaphragm condensers are concerned, I have now or have owned several audio technicas, a Lawson L47, different BLUE mics (mice, dragonflies), Rode NTK's, an MXL 67 (this ones kinda noisy- just got it- jury's still out), SP B1's and a C1, and others. The big deal on your choice depends on how many different sources you plan to use it on (different vocalists?) and definitely what mic pre you're using. A darker pre and a bright yet full mic can be nice (the pre may tame some of the extra presence). An aggressive pre and an agressive mic is often painful. A full yet open airy pre and a similar mic is just great in my experience.

    I think I might try the Peluso 251 next...Best of luck to you!!!!

  7. Antho

    Antho Guest

    Thanks Guys.. I get what you are saying re: 797 VS classic build quality. though I really get the reading vibe that the C1 / c3 stands out beyond that typical vibe...

    Jeff, I was seriously consdidering the 4047. i get the feeling (and research tells me.. it may be more useful on more sources.

    Bounce...I plan to be using the mic for as wide a variety of sources as possible for now. I'd rather afford one good LDC for the time being, I have the Kel's, and an MXL and I figure I need to stretch this mic pretty far until next year I can afford the Lawson with some inheritance that's coming through. I heard that mic and oh bugger me...It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

    Thanks for your advice all.

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