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    XYZ cool band name....

    Does it stand for X yes & zeppelin.

    I know there was a band project called that in the early eighties, or was it the very late seventies.

    Band members were; Alan white, Chriss Squire, Jimmy page and Mr palnt himself was supposed to do the vocals, but it never got further than studio demos.

    Hope You do the name Justice.
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    What the hell?

    I have no Idea, why this is in budget gear, but...

    XYZ was a "metal" band that hit out in 1989 from Hollywood. They were signed to Enigma Records. The first album was produced by Don Dokken. The band consisted of Marc Diglio, Pat Fontaine, Paul Monroe and Terry Ilous. They toured in the early 90's with Nugent, Ozzy, Foreigner, Allice in Chains. They put out 2 studio albums near that time and a live record in '95 and earned 2 gold records. They had 2 mild hits, "Inside Out" and "What Keeps Me Loving You". In 2003 they came out with "Letter to God". Didn't hear it, don't know it.

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