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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by SoFine, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. SoFine

    SoFine Guest

    Hi folks,

    I would love feedback on my bands EP that I recorded and mixed in my spare bedroom! We're from Dublin, Ireland and the music is a sort of pop / rock / acoustic thingy.


  2. ednaroma

    ednaroma Guest

    Hi Simon,

    What was the EP recorded on? Digi 001?
  3. SoFine

    SoFine Guest

    Hi David,

    All done in my spare bedroom using a Digi001 (PC). Bypassed the thin Digi preamps and the AD/DA by using my TC Electronic Gold Channel. A bit of SPL Vitaliser Mk2-t (valve aural exciter) and quite a bit of time between each mix attempt!

  4. Very nice mate. Mainstream to appeal to the masses. I like the subtle delay used in there. Did you have a real drummer, or was that mechanical?
  5. SoFine

    SoFine Guest

    Hi Dougal,

    Thanks for listening. I played an electronic drum kit, the Ddrum System One by Clavia. It's pretty realistic and has a close feel to the real thing.

  6. Spydrmon

    Spydrmon Guest

    I liked as well! How do you compare the sound quality on the TC module vs. the digi ones? Obviously sounds great on this end but how about yours? Once again very nice!
  7. SoFine

    SoFine Guest


    The TC Gold Channel provides pro quality pre-amps (for mics) and pro quality AD and DA conversion, which are the two areas where the Digi001 can suffer and deliver a brittle sound. I am most certainly not a pro and I only have my Digi001 for around 1 and a half years and what you heard was my first real part-time project (hobby!), BUT I can hear a real difference between the Gold Channel and the Digi001.

    There are other less expensive options out there too...

    presonus digimax

    Do a search, it's often discussed here and in the DUC.

    Simon :)

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