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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by godatwork, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. godatwork

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    I hope this will be simple for the many experts on this site. I want to make a home recording studio specifically for TALK RADIO, as I am the host of a daily program here in Milwaukee, WI known as God@Work.

    The program is on AM radio and the format is talk only, pre-recorded, with the only music being at the very beginning of each segment.

    I want to have up to 3 microphones along with all the software to make my own shows at home. My questions:

    1. What brand of quality mics?
    2. What software for the PC?
    3. What kind of sound card?
    4. What kind of other hardware/mixing equipment to plug all this stuff in?

    I am very good on computers but clueless about audio. Thank you SO much in advance for anyone who would care to provide an opinion.
  2. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    All you need is 4 tracks?

    For your software hardware I recommend Pro Tools LE and an 002 interface ... this will give you your mic pres and line inputs and outputs, converters, etc. You should be able to do everything in the PT/le enviornment. This will give you lots of growing room and a professional format for export. Under $1200.

    For mics , the SP B1s would work fine if you want LD condensers ... under $100 ea.

    Shure SM7b, EV RE 20, Sennhieser 421's are all good dynamics if that's the way you want to go. These sell for around $250 to $300 each.
  3. godatwork

    godatwork Guest

    Home AM Radio Recording

    Thanks for the great information. To show what a complete newbie I am--what is an 002 interface? Is that a piece of hardware? What kind of "hole" does that plug into on the PC? Do you have a link to a manufacturer showing a picture of this item?

    Where do you recommend buying all this stuff? Do you have a favorite supplier or should I look locally here in Milwaukee?

    I assume that the last paragraph about "all good dynamics" is referring to some kind of fancier, more expensive microphones. If I'm just recording for AM radio, is there really a big difference? I'm trying to do the minimum required for a professional, radio-quality sound.

    Incredibly grateful,

    D. J.
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    The Pro Tools 002 is a turnkey package from Digidesign that includes both the hardware and software you need. It includes your recording program, the mic pres, line inputs and line outputs as well as ins and outs on ADAT lightpipes.. It will plug into your Mac or PC via the firewire connection..

    Go the Digidesign's website and click on "PRODUCTS" .... look for Pro Tools LE systems, click on the picture, in the bar at the left click on Digi 002 rack ...

    As to your question regarding dynamic mics, actually until recently, dynamics were almost always less expensive than Large Diaphragm condensers ... This has changed due to the proliferation of inexpensive LD condenser originating in Asia .. The Studio Projects line of this type of mic has exhibited excellent qualty control and durability in use, so I usually recommend them over the other offerings from China, Korea etc...

    Condenser mics will offer enhanced sensitivity, better response in the higher frequencies.. faster transient response and in many cases less coloration.. The best advice I can offer is to try different ones out.

    Two mic brands to stay away from .. Oktava ...from Russia ... very poor quality control ... not worth the matierals they are made of in most cases, MXL, from Asia, lots of reports regarding failure in use. Please understand this is just my opinion ... not fact. Many other individuals may offer a different point of view ...

    Almost any reputable audio dealer will be able to help you with all of the gear I mentioned.. If no one in your area is suitable to your tastes, I say check with Fletcher at Mercenary Audio.
  5. godatwork

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    Home Radio Recording

    Thanks for the great info. I am eating this up. The price tag is little more than I was hoping on that 002 Rack--there is no way I could jerry-rig that little Mbox to do what I want . . . does anyone ever just use splitters to hook up multiple microphones and headphones if we're all recording at the same level, and we have no need to remove anyone's voice from the track?

    Thanks again,


  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Each mic requires it's own mic preamp. The M Box ix a USB device and is limited to 2 channels of input and can only record two tracks at a time ..

    If that is all you need, a simple small Mackie 4 into 2 mixer like the 1202 vlz, may do the trick to pre mix 3 mics into the M BOx's 2 inputs ..and provide an extra headphone output ...


    However, this may prove to be just as expensive to purchase by the time you buy the M Box, the Mackie and the cables needed to hook it all up. It will also be more complicated to set up. It will not afford the expandability that the 002 Rack set up would ...

    I have never seen a person get into this and then later decide to downsize, that they don't need as much ability as they have .. The norm is for people to look to expansion ... The 002 Rack will provide you with the pro interface you will need to do radio work in a convienent all in one package that is simple to install and use and afford opprotunity for expansion in the future and I guarentee you that you will want to expand later..

    If this is too much for you to do, you may want to look at a simple stand alone porta studio solution that has a mixer with mic pres and a small HD recorder built in and stay away from a computer based DAW. These are available from KORG, TASCAM, Roland and others ...

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