Home studio monitor speakers for £200?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by AngryMonkey, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Would appreciate a little advice please.

    I currently use an old cheap pair of speakers for monitoring and im looking to upgrade. I really dont have much cash though, around £200.

    Could anyone advise on some monitor speakers for that price please?

    Just to note I do listen to the mixes on multiple systems to see how it sounds accros the board, but these monitors will be the day to day use ones.

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    To get anything half-decent in that price category, it's probably got to be second-hand, so Ebay is going to be your friend here.

    Assuming you are in the UK, there are several sets of monitors (both active and passive) in that price bracket currently on Ebay UK. For example, there are some KRK Rokit RP5s, JBL Control 5s, Yamaha NS10s, Tannoy Reveals and (of lower quality) lots of Alesis M1s. Sort out whether you need active (powered) or passive, then go browsing.

    Don't forget the acoustics of your room are the other half of the monitoring equation. Even the best monitors can sound bad in a poor room.

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