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    What is the best way to set up my KRK monitors to my computer and my roland fantom? Suggestions? Thanks alot!
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    Thank you...I'll be here all week!

    Ok, but really...

    Are the monitors powered? I'm assuming yes.
    Do you want to record into the computer and monitor what you are recording? I'm not assuming anything here.
    Do you want to play back from the computer and synth at the same time? again..no assumptions here.

    There are a couple different things you could do with just what you have. You could

    A. Hook the audio outputs of the synth to the audio inputs of your sound card then hook the audio outputs of the sound card into the speakers. With this you may have to change some settings on your system to allow the audio from the keyboard to be heard. Also, it's likely that it would only work when the computer was turned on...which means you wouldn't be able to just turn on the keyboard and start jamming.

    B. Do the reverse of whats above hooking the audio outputs of the sound card into the audio inputs of the Fantom and the outputs of the Fantom into the speakers. HOWEVER, I don't know how the routing works in the Fantom and this may not work.

    Neither of these options are ideal and I really wouldn't recommend them. I just mention them in case you need to make do with what you have.

    You would best be served by some sort of mixer. With one of these you would be able to hook the outputs of the keyboard and computer into it and hook it's output to the speakers, thus allowing you to have two devices hooked up to the speakers independantly.

    There are lots of options for this. Any sort of mixer would fit the bill. In a pinch there are some headphone mixers that could even fit the bill. If you are looking for something simple check out a simple line mixer like the Rane PowerMix2. If you want more channels, there are devices that range from 2-16 channels out there. If you want something more elaborate check out the TAPCO Mix.60 which will give you 6 input channels and some additional features.

    Of course, those recommendations on are the low-cost end of things. You could always spend some more cash and get something much better.

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