Hooking up preamps to a firepod?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by Nik_the_barber, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Well I just got a firepod, and ran a question in my mined. For whatever reason I can not figure it out. So how would I gop about hooking a preamp up to the firepod. Would I got Spdif in? I mean there is no "pre" preamp insert. Everyother input would run though the firepod preamps. I think I'm just stupid. Someone please explain.
  2. Simple my friend... send the quarter inch output from your preamp, into the firepod... right into their franken-insert to which you can connect an xlr or 1/4 inch cable... and use that input on line mode on the firepod. HOORAH!
  3. I dont' actually have a firepod so certain details of my last post may be wrong.. I'm sure someone will soon correct me if so. Its something like that.
  4. yeah but doesnt that use the firepod's preamp, I mean or does line in bypass preamp? How do I "switch" it to be in line input. You're post seemed to just confuse me.
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    The insert point in the signal chain of the Firepod is after the preamp. Line doesn't bypass the preamp.

    So, to recap, send the output of your preamp in to the insert of the Firepod. Your best bet cabling wise will be to use an insert cable (1 TRS to dual TS). Leave the send TS unconnected and plug the return TS into the output of your preamp. Then plug the TRS end into the insert. Good Luck.


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