Hooraaay! My remaining snag/s are few...24/96PRO on its way!

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    I want to express gratitude to friends and Romans alike, merely to acknowledge the helpful nature of readers on this board.
    More, that folks seem to abstain from flame (maybe even when it'd actually be called for) I know I can improve my question-asking-skill!

    For my friends having asked about it.. "I have installed the Prescott, no hitches to speak of.. save one: I noticed the temps are about +(2-3)degreesC, overall where it was a constant shown 31to 33 average, it is now with the pres instead of the celly,about 35to 37, on the overall average... I am not at all concerned with OCing at this point..
    With all the fuss around the time when I opted to acquire this p4p800d, I am almost memory blocked, why I didn't just pay the extra$ to insure I'd have the extra boost from "PAT". There was a lot of scoop about how it was easy to simply make ap4p800d perform on the same level as the p4c800d(Ithink) the one with it already enabled as standard..
    I have this stupid gene that makes me be this way.. I wish I didn't, but I have this chore to try and enable this "PAT", as I remember from the year ago when i bought the mb, now that I have afforded to complete the pc-build, I must do my best to follow this out to its end.

    1.I need to ask: about "Pat" enabling on asus' p4p800d, can someone point me to some updatedinfo on the state of affairs on this issue?
    2.I have created an array using the Intel facility onboard,but it is not seen by the "Via" facility...I am looking for a forum, or any type of source, addressing these type issues, can somebody recommend one to me? (I will of course google it after this...)
    3. my scsi boot drive (fujitsu 10,000 MAP 36gb) and its controller (LSI1010 UltraU160),each were easy as pie to be configured, or more correctly put, there was none for me to perform, all-automatic... or so it seemed to be.
    But I hope to locate the fine-tuning of this system, along with the eventual dis-enablement of all the splash/bios screens at bootup...( each splash offers to open a "configuration panel", of which I know not what additional configuration is likely to be possible , if any.
    (I know the website for each perspective component is the obvious place to search, )
    thanks for the generous nature of readers who tolerate windy wordy questioning like mine

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