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    My apologies to the admin. in advance if this is in the wrong forum (or even shouldn't be here...)

    Hey guys
    I got a radio station on the internet...and I am wondering if anyone would like to send me some music that you made, so that I can play it in a dedicate section of my broadcast.

    I probably know what your all thinking, but I am legit and I wont steal any work...I do some music on DAW's myself so I just have an interest to help others by playing their music, I have listeners from all countries, so I know you will get the exposure that you need.

    If your interested...what you need to do is send it to me somehow? or I think Upload/Download method from - free file sharing and storage, SoundCloud - Your Sound, At The Heart or something.
    you could also record a short intro or use some other copy protection if you want to during the song or before/after it.

    When I got it, I will play it together with others probably during a music mash or every sunday. (depending on stuff)

    You can contact me on

    Thanks DJ DSC
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