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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by littleprince, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. littleprince

    littleprince Guest

    Hi, Guys
    Long time no see.
    These works are recorded with canadian - american band in south of korea.
    They are amature but I think interesting.
    Listen and tell me what you think
  2. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    re Keep:

    Good song & arrangement, but the bass drum disappears on the bridge. No other problems to my 'ears'. 8) Nice bass line (I am partial to good bass line-my theme is a bass line).
  3. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    re Stella:

    Excellent vocalist executes nice vocal take. Your dynamic string part is execellent, but perhaps a tad loud when the vocal comes back in. Nice song.
  4. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    re Crazy

    Nice song, but too short. You have a longer outro vamp on the I iim IV section as the outro. Nice harmony. Maybe bring up the guitar on your outro.

    Good stuff. The above are minor and subjective, not objective.
  5. Spocks Penis

    Spocks Penis Guest

    re Naver (Never?):

    Snare and High hat a little high in mix. Nice breakdown in the middle. This is a fun song.

    Nice work.
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