How 'bout this piano scenario:



-- 2 AKG 451's
-- 2 Neve 1272
-- Digi 001 (PTLE)

I can't lift the lid--it's closed--so there are about 6 inches of open soundhole available just behind the music stand;

The room sounds beautiful, and so does the piano.

[I haven't tried anything yet, but I figure I might aim both mics straight down into what's available of the sound hole, at a slight angle, like pointed at the pianist's chin, in either ORTF or XY.]

lorenzo gerace

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Jan 27, 2002
What material will be recorded?

If it's classical I'd go with a more distant approach and a stereo pair (I favor ORTF)at maybe 6 to 10' and 6 to 8' high.
For more "pop" or defined sound well, if you can't open the lid try to put the mics pointed at the high strings and at the bass strings to get the full spectrum . I like your mics and preamps, but IMO the weakest link in your signal chain is the 001 A/D converters: I know them very well, and they are OK, but if you can get your hands on a dedicated 2 channel A/D converter and feed its output via SPdif to the 001 you'll notice a reasonable improvement in sound quality, the sound is more open and natural, while with the 001 it gets a little harsh in the top end and a little scooped in the low mids.

Good luck and I hope this helps