how can I make this mix better?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by cakewalkr7, Aug 31, 2005.

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    I've already decided that I want to rerecord the rhythm guitars because they just have a bit too much fizz in them that I can't seem to eq out. But, my bigger concern (call it frustration), is that I've literally spent hours upon hours trying so many different micing combinations to get that in your face rhythm sound and it's just not there.

    This demo track has 2 parts. The first is my mix. The second is the beginning of Joe Satriani's Souls of Distortion. Although I'm not crazy about his rhythm distortion, the entire mix has that in your face sound that I'm trying to get (at least as close as I can without limiting the crap out of it).

    So, my first question is this. I've tried double, and even quadruple tracking my rhythm guitars and miced them with an sm57, e609 silver, rode nt1a or studio projects c3 with all different positions running into a dbx 386 tube mic pre, but most times right up close to the grill. No matter how I set it up, the guitars just seem to sit back a bit in the mix. I've panned them hard left and right and messed with the eq to try and bring them out, but I just can't get it as well as the 2nd part of this example mix. What else can I do to get it closer?

    2. I really like the drums in this mix too and I want to get mine closer. Right now, I'm guessing my kick doesn't seem to have enough low mids, but when I add more in, it just gets more tubby. Any suggestions on how to get my drums closer to his mix? BTW, I had a live drummer play an electric kit, so the drums (not cymbals, they're real) are BFD.

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
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    You might want to post this in the Audio Projects section of the forums.
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    Sorry, the description for this forum says "micing, tracking, mixing & editing music, tips and techniques in the recording studio", so I figured this was the best place for it. But I'll post it over there too. Thanks.
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    I can't get that link to work
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    Take / off of the end of the link.
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    Well, it would have worked this time except it is a .wma file and I'm on a Mac :x I tried the new Windows Media Player for Mac OS a while back, and promptly removed it from my system, as it SUCKED!!. Bill Gates can kiss my... Thanks anyhow
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    The rhythm guitars in your mix has to much treble I would turn the bass up to 2-3 o'clock on the amp, mids at 1-2 o'clock, treble less than 12 o'clock, buy 11 or 12 gauge strings, and try tuning down. The mess with mic placement. Of course this is only if you want a fatter sound found in the 2nd clip.
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    AcousTronic wrote:

    mine too... :D :D :D
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    Hey cakewalkr you were saying you needed your kick to have more mid lows. I had the same problem for a while seemed like there was a lot of woofy lows and not enough punch. I messed around with a bunch of eqing and found boosting my highs at about 2khz gave me that punchier sound. Now there are a thousand variables that might keep that from working for you(different drum, different mic, different room) but doing that brought out the kick more and gave it a much cleaner sound. Just a tip that worked for me.
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    As for the Drums, You can get close to that sound with BFD I use it. If you have XFL expansion pack use the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare drum and the DW Maple kick back down the PZM's to 0 and bring the rooms up to 1/2. and compress the crap out of the overheads and room.

    the guitars seem pretty close on the distorton. add a bit of low mids around 500 to 1k and compress them. go for 3 9 pan and add some stereo chorus but not alot. I use the 57 e609 and a 421 combo and could not be happier. I have been using a royer 121 also very sweet mic. What does the guitar rig consist of?

    that should get you started.
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    Focusrite Compounder or Bass Maximizer + Stereo Imaging would help.

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