how can i maximize my room sound and recording with my gear?

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    hey there all, my name is quinn, ive been playing git for a while in a three piece band, recently we have required some more gear and would like to record using a tape deck. i have a crappy basement rectangular room about 15X12X8 (L,W,H). first perhaps i can start with my gear then whoever can suggest an optimum positioning of equipment i would be greatful. we play soft loud stuff with heavy dist on loud parts, loud vocals.

    drums - no mic's
    100 watt head and 4X12 - no mic
    100 watt 1X15 bass combo - no mic
    vocals - one mic - shure (cheap mic) to mixer
    (2X250 behringer powered mixer)
    vocal output to 1X15 yamaha vocal cabinet

    my questions are these

    1)is there an optimum gear placement in a rectangular room to reduce feedback and reflection while maintaining clear sound of the amps and vocals and drums and maximizing loudness/recording quality. ie drums over there, amps there etc

    2)where should i distribute the gear around the room

    3)what should the mic input levels and pa micxer output levels be at in relation to one another - or is this dependant on too many things to clearly say

    4)where would you put your stuff

    5)any help in additon to this is welcome

    thanks quinn, you can post reply or email me

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