How can i start up a live studio recording?... Need advice

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Echo76, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Hey everybody, i was wondering if anyone can help me with a specific tools and technology i.e Instrument, amplifier,software and any other specific and update that i can use for my empty room that soon willl transform to a live recording studio... Excuse my silly language, cause i'm far far away in Indonesia.
    PLS REPLY...Thnks a bunch
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    takes more than one thing. Do you already have stuff to record? how much money do you have to spend? what kind of quality are you looking for? what kind of music?

    all kinds of things we need to know...
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    Welcome to RO! Please excuse MY silly language because I'm far away in the United States!!!

    There are essentially 3 things to do when you are setting up your studio. Two of them should be addressed in order. The third is whenever you you get to it.

    The first item, IMO, is to address your soundproofing needs. Make the room(s) as soundproof as necessary - Control Room, Tracking Room, Isolation Room/Booth, etc.

    THEN 2nd, make the acoustical properties of each room what you need them to be.

    The third step is to start aquiring your gear and setting it all up.

    I would suggest reading and posting in the Acoustics Forum about halfway down on the main page of RO. There are quite a few excellent people/resourses there to help you get started.

    As Nirvalica mentioned... your budget will dictate what kind of quality OR you goal for quality will dictate your budget, and you should really figure that out first.

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