How do board's pres stack up against low ends like the vtb?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Virga, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Yo i'm just now getting started on recording; i've been playing music for quite some time and have a workable knowledge of equipment and live sound, but absolutely no studio experience. I'm just looking to make good demos at home. It's finally time to pursue distribution. I'm set on mics, acoustics, etc. I've always been a punk rock DIY'er, but this time I need some fatherly advice. I've never used preamps. Hell, i've never even used a mixer. My guitar goodie bag is more than enough, but I realize that vocals are to be a major concern now. My friend is gonna hook me up with a second-hand fostex mr-8 for practically nothing. Could I use a lineout on a high-wattage power amp instaead of an outboard preamp and what would those results be like? If I need a pre, how about these choices:

    Peavey Unity 300 mixer (I know, but it's really cheap)
    Yamaha MG10/2 (only twice as much)
    Mackie 1402 VLZ (almost 4x the price of the yammie)
    SP VTB-1 (or another likewise low-end pre)

    How do those board's pres stack up against the low ends like the vtb? I'm in line to get any of these relatively cheap, but am very poor, so a good choice is imperative. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    The Mackie will be the most versatile as far as feeds to headphone amp...monitoring playback while tracking....the pres arent going to spoil your recordings. The VTB is going to be a bit better only in terms of the ability to drive particular sounds out of it intentionally....Its clarity and depth of field will be a little better than the Mackie(contrary to some opinions) but this is its environment-recording....while the Mackie and the Yahamama are boards made to be used mostly live and yet be able to record with. I dont know the sounds like a line mixer of sorts...

    The medium you choose to record on will make a big determination about what gear you wind up with. Isnt the Fostex a Tape Machine? 8trk 1/4 inch??? I cant remember. If it is, and you are going to be recording one track at a time then the VTB is the best choice...If you want to do drumsets then you had better do the Mackie. I have an MG series Yammie...use it live every weekend and I'm thrilled with its sound and quality. IMHO it sounds better than Mackie, but it doesnt have enough ins/outs for what your purpose might be.
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    Cool, thanks for your input. The fostex is their low-end digital recorder. I've heard some stuff tracked with it and it blows my old tascam analog away. Since i'm not micing drums (I beatbox all my percussion), i'm gonna go with the yamaha. I'll be able to use it as my live mixer as well, plus it has 4 preamp channels, which is all i'll need for a while. Thanx again.

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