How do I add reverb to my vocal recording without recording

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by unsaint32, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. unsaint32

    unsaint32 Guest

    I am trying to add reverb while I'm singing. But I do not want to record
    the reverb.

    my mic is on the channel 1 on my Behringer UB1204FX mixer.
    The mixer's ALT3-4 is connected to the computer soundcard L/R input.
    The computer soundcard L/R output is connected to the mixer channel 7/8.
    Channel 1's FX knob is turned all the way down so that I don't send any
    effects from the channel 1.
    Channel 7's FX knob is turned way up, so I can add effect to the output
    sound from the soundcard (I sense no delay between my singing and the
    output sound so I'm using the output sound to monitor my singing).

    So I record using a sequencer, thinking that my voice was recorded without
    the reverb. But when I play back I still hear that the reverb was
    recorded along with the vocal. When I hear the playback through the
    channel 7/8, ofcourse I turn the FX knob on that channel all the way down
    (so I could hear what was recorded). But I still hear the reverb. Help


    The mixer topview picutre is on the following site.


  2. StevenColbert

    StevenColbert Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    I use my Aux1 (left) and Aux2 (right).
    Then I connect the Aux1 send to the input of my reverb unit. And do the same with the Aux2.
    On my reverb units outputs, I route them to a different channel on my mixing board.
    Then adjust those faders accordingly.
    Hope this helps
  3. funkcore

    funkcore Guest

    Are you monitoring thru speakers or headphones? If your going thru speakers maybe the mic is picking that up and thats where the reverb is introduced. So you may be recording thru a dry channel but what's originally going into the channel isn't dry because it picks up your speaker's verb'd output :shock: Just a thought. -Marty
  4. guitardad72

    guitardad72 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    Home Page:
    The UB1204FX has effects built in which, so Steven's answer won't work

    insaint32 :cry: ... you're using the internal effects.

    I doubt it's the head phone vs speaker thing funkcore, hopefully he's using cans 8) the bleed through sound to big for that.

    1st thing to remember hear is that Behringer is a cheaper product and personally I will never own another Behringer product. :roll:

    1st solution: that button to the right of 2 FX return, has an arrow pointed to it and above are the words:

    ^ Main Mix
    \/ Alt 3-4

    That button is depressed the wrong way, you want to send the verb to main mix, not Alt 3-4. To test: hit record, say 123, press button, say 456, play back and which ever set of numbers has no verb is the winner.

    Also make sure your sending each of the two channels to to correct group ALT or MAIN.

    BUT if that button is broken then

    2nd (and better) Solution is to send your vocal to the sound card using the aux 1 or monitor 1 send on the Behringer. Mon or Aux will control level to sound card. Main will control volume to your monitor which is hopefully headphones. You should be able to add verb on channel 1 for monitoring and not have to add verb on other channel returning from sound card... this will be useful for not having verb while monitoring other tracks when recording new ones. :D

    There are other ways to solve this but seeing as this is how your currently going this is the closest remedy. 8)

    3rd Well, one other way would be to use direct out on channel one which this board probably does not have.... OR using the insert on channel one as a direct out... this requires pluging a cable "half way in" to the insert jack, not all the way in, push it till you feel the 1st click and stop. Of course test to make sure signal is still going to main out and out the insert. You will lose the EQ on the channel for the insert out path. If cable is plugged all the way into the insert then it will cut the singnal to main mix... what this is doing is splitting the signal at the insert, and not returning it lile an insert cable would do. Refer to manual of mixer or a Mackie mixer manual for more directions.

    Also surprised you did not get an internal feedback loop through the verb. :shock: When button is depressed wrong way (if it ain't broke) try cranking the verb and see what happens... turn monitors down 1st to not hurt speakers, cans or your ears.

    Take Care

    Marc :twisted:

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