how do i convert midi to audio in cubase?

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    i need to mixdown my song which has some guitar tracks and one midi drum track.

    when i export it only th guitars come out through media player.

    this is because midi is just a signal right- no actual waveforms produced until something triggers it.

    in my case, inside cubase i use "microsoft gs wavetable" or something like that to sound the midi- and it works fine.

    but of course outside of cubase it doesnt play.

    so how do i convert my midi into audio??

    i have already tried getting a line out from my soundcard into my recording usb device- but the quality is extremely poor and not useable.

    i have also tried the poor mans way of holding a mic to my speakers while the drums are playing- but that also sounds like crap!!

    so how can this be done~?#

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    I don't exactly know how this works when using your internal sound card for the MIDI sounds but If the internal sounds are being routed through Cubase, it should work just fine.

    In Cubase, you've obviously got audio tracks for the guitar. Do you have an audio channel that the drums are playing back through on Cubase? In otherwords, when you look at the mixer in Cubase, is there a channel being used for the audio data being played by by the MIDI channel? If so, try exporting just that track and re-importing into the project. That should give you an audio track for the drums. Then try the mixdown, but disable the MIDI track first.

    How are you exporting? Are you exporting the stereo output?
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    Copied from an odd place to look). A la Frederik:

  4. Multani

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    Thanks guyS!!

    i did take a look on the cubase site but i didnt find that. thanks again.

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