How do I get the best sound possible in a 64kbps stream...?

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by LividBliss, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    Here is a link to a Radio Imaging Demo I slapped together this week. Its the 2nd Demo, 320kbps 44.1khz Stereo MP3. I have tried lower quality MP3's but it sounds really flat.

    How do I get the fullness out of the stream like his demos?

    It sounds like some stereo expansion perhaps? Loudness is obvious, but I am having a problem with distortion (from playback on the site) if I go any louder than -6db - even with compression or limiting. This seems to be the problem from most everyones' demos on this site - the digital distortion.

    I would like my music bed to stand out more as well.

    How did these guys master the 64kbps stream on this site? Did they even use MP3?
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I'm always willing to help a fellow Brandon :D , however both samples on your site are 64, not 320.

    The other guy's stuff IS mp3 by the way.
  3. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    I understand the 64kbps stream, but the 2nd Radio production demo of mine was uploaded as a 320kbps MP3 file. The 64bps version of my demo sounds like crap (really flat) uploaded to their site. The first demo up "Instructional " is a 80kbps file.

    There is no way you can tell me that they uploaded a 64kbps file on the "Coz" demos.
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    They are both 64 kbps. Sorry, dude.

    You may have uploaded them at that bitrate, but it is quite common for a server like that to down-convert automatically and without warning.

    I would be perfectly willing to master your tracks at no charge if you want the help.

    You can email me at and we can discuss this over the phone.
  5. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    I stand corrected. I knew it was auto-converted to 64kbps, what I overlooked is that in making one via AA 2.0 it has to be 64/22050hz, thats where I lost the quality compared to my 128 and 320.

    I was trying to make a 64kbps to avoid the conversion, since MP3 is lossy, just overlooked that you cant make a 44.1 in that birate with my stuff.
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I have quick-mastered the first one.

    I will post it here if it's ok with you.

    The voice is a little 'boomy' but i suppose that's what voice-over guys (or gals?) might be looking for in samples at least.

    the file is located here...
  7. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    WOW, do you want the original .wav's? I cant believe you did that to THAT. I have posted your mastered copy as "?" so people can hear your work.

    Did you get my email?

    I guess I am just a novice still in the tech side of recording, been talent only, up 'til this year. The order must have been wrong...?, so do you still record in 32bit or 16bit .wav initially, to apply the effects and editing, then master in 64kbps MP3? or is my order wacked through and through?

    I can keep up with the technical (work in IT field), its just mastering audio is a new animal to me, especially when its webstream mp3's, just need some guidance is all.
  8. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    now that you know the basics, let's move on :D
  9. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    The production demo is wacked, I know - trying to show range, creative production skills, characters and that I am thoroughly jacked in the head.

    The bodunk stations I worked at never cared about the fine tuning of what we broadcast; just the meters not clipping and voices 5-7db over the music is all they ever cared about.

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