How do I monitor effects in EMU Patchmix?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by JLiRD808, Feb 20, 2008.

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    In other words, the classic monitor "wet", record "dry" scenario.

    Patchmix is pretty daunting and I can get it to do most of what I want but I know theres a way to hear reverb on the mic mix going to the vocalist that will not end up being sent to Cubase for recording.

    I know it has to do something with sends and buses but I feel pretty lost....


  2. Spase

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    Send ASIO outs (to your DAW) then add effects. The effects won't go to your DAW but you can use them on you monitoring with patchmix.
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    Any effects placed in the inserts above the ASIO send in a strip will be recorded. Any effects in the inserts below the ASIO send will be heard through PatchMix mixer but not be recorded. This gives the flexability that you can record with some effects and just hear/monitor other separate effects at the same time.

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