How do we get Width/spread from a single guitar performance?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Alanfc, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. Alanfc

    Alanfc Guest

    How do we get Width/spread from a single guitar performance?

    hi, a bit frustrated here-

    my band is wanting a more "raw" sound from my guitar parts on this particular song (Lefthanded Woman Rough Mix 4 I re-recorded all the main rythym parts with a more "raw" tone, still using human doubles L/R panned 80% or so. (When I panned 100% L/R they got lost.) The band still think it sounds too perfect and not Raw enough. They keep talking about Jack White and Franz Ferdinand's guitars but = grrrr = I wanna sound like ME ^(%*^%$ .!!!
    I can still sound like =me= , I know. Just want One of me now, not 4.

    In the intro to this song I did =not= do human doubles but rather, clone copies on L100%/R100%/Center. I have the center copy turned way down, the Left copy I have a slight reverb on, and the right side copy I have eq'd hotter than the other 2. But I hear them as too upfront and too Mono sounding. Is my reverb on the left rather than the right, a step in the right direction? The customary reverb on the right sounds overprocessed no matter how light the reverb mix is.. I know that I can get it real gnarly and raw just cloning single performances. The question is how to make it wider and not so amateur sounding..when I put my guitars at 100% left and right, they get lost

    Must be an EQ thing?

    How can we spread wider than 100% ?

    BTW I tried an M/S widening setting on my multiband comp (DigitalFishphones' Endorphin) to try out, and it was really awful. But I do have that tool at my disposal to continue tweaking on if thats the answer.

  2. splurge

    splurge Guest


    M/S widening wont do anything for a mono source, it has to be stereo for that to work.

    This is down to how you record your guitar, instead trying to fix it in the mix. Try a pair dynamic cardioids in X/Y coincident close to grill, recorded on to two seperate tracks and panned hard left/right. Maybe in conjunction with this use a pair of stereo condensers a few feet away from the amp. Micing around the back of your guitar amp can produce interesting results coupled with the above. Mix and match.

    I suppose what I'm saying here is get it right at the source. Fixing in the mix is just sticky plaster stuff really.

    Good luck

  3. Thomaster

    Thomaster Guest

    have you tried panning them, and after that, giving one side a little delay? (you might have already tried this, but i just wanted to mention)

    try using a delay of about 7 ms.
    more can be cool, but can sometimes sound messy

    i dont mean delay as in A-a-a--a-a-a....
    but sample delay, thus zero feedback.
  4. Thomaster

    Thomaster Guest

    by the way, you guys rock:)
    also, you should tell your bandmates that you dont want to sound exactly like franzferdinand and all that trendy stuff.. cuz there's loads of bands trying to clone them
  5. Alanfc

    Alanfc Guest

    thanks guys-

    basically what I've decided is to give the band 2 mixes, one with an Alan guitar approach (the current one in the link) and one with the Jack friggin White guitar approach with all new tracking and different mixing. I still want to sell them on =my= version. This'll be in a couple weeks when the singer finishes all his vocals. I'm not really that mad anymore.. I have, you might say, "high-quality problems", in other words, I'm just glad to have people to play with.

    (thanks for the compliment Thomaster :D )
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